25 years on FIRE !!

25 years on Fire !! 25 years on FIRE !!

FIRE !!: 25 years burning closets

La Show FIRE !! gay and lesbian film Barcelona come back one more year to Barcelona, this time in a special edition in the format "hybrid”. It will take place from June 10 to 20 at the French Institute and will have the support of the platform in parallel The film.

In the words of director of the Show, Antoine Leonetti, "It will be a festive edition, not only because of the return to presence, but, and above all, because it is the 25-year edition. With almost 1.100 movies programmed throughout this quarter of a century, the Show FIRE, a pioneer of gay and lesbian film festivals in Spain, is increasingly establishing itself as an essential reference in the history of the group LGTBI of our country".

The public will have a 23-session proposal in the French Institute and 37 titles in The film, which will carry the Show nationwide thanks to the alliance with said platform and will give an important visibility to the group LGTB, in order to give it more presence in the audiovisual field.

FIRE !! commitment to women and the fight against transphobia

Directors like Ruth Caudeli, Gitta Gsell or Henrika Kull Through their films they will help to claim the place of women in the cinema. These filmmakers open the way to a new generation that has been going strong and that, finally, can count on female references. In addition to the strong commitment to women, the 25th edition of FIRE !! it also focuses on the fight against transphobia; the opening film of June 10, Lola will see the mer, Lauren mitchell, is the perfect sample.

25 years on Fire !!Retrospective at the Filmoteca

On the occasion of the 25 years of the Show FIRE !!, starts a new retrospective section in collaboration with the Film library of Catalonia, which will take place right after International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. For this first edition, it will be around the French directors Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau, emblematic figures of the cinema LGBT world, and with three titles: Jeanne and the formidable boy, Drôle de Félix and Théo and Hugo, Paris 05:59.

Educational program

Again, the Show FIRE !! will carry out an educational program focused on school groups of ESO y Baccalaureate (including teachers). It will be three days in which the French Institute will become the main headquarters of the educational consultancy prepared by the Couple Lambda based on audiovisual pieces that will deal with diversity and affective-sexual orientation, as well as gender identity and the fight against homophobia, to raise awareness among the younger audience.

Ticket sales in person and online

From this Tuesday, May 25, tickets can be purchased through the web. You can make the purchase at an individual price of € 7 or buy a voucher for 5 sessions for an amount of € 30.

People subscribed to FILM will be able to access the movies scheduled FIRE !! 2021 directly, at no additional cost and, for those who are not subscribed, have at their disposal the FIRE 2021 FILMIN PACK: this is a € 22 subscription that not only includes all the films in the Show, but also a three-month subscription to the platform.

25 years on Fire !!

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