Filibusterism against the anti-trans law in the United States

Filibusterism against the anti-trans law in the United States Filibusterism against the anti-trans law in the United States

A United States senator has been speaking for seven weeks to block an anti-trans law

for almost two months machaela cavanagh has paralyzed the parliamentary activity of the state of Nebraska, in the United States using the practice of filibuster. It is a legal resource to obstruct the treatment of a law, in this case the senator of the Democratic Party has monopolized the word in sessions of up to 12 hours to avoid a law against the trans community.

«I will continue to do everything I can for our children. Whatever happens today, I will continue to fight. I'm sorry there's nothing more I can do about it, I'm doing my best“Said the legislator on April 14 on the podium.


Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. Nebraska Republicans They introduced the bill in January. Reform forbids care for all minors under 19 years of age in terms of gender identity and penalizes doctors that they take care of them

cavanaugh she has blocked all bills from being considered in this state legislature and is the first female legislator to do so. Nebraska it has a chamber of 49 senators, of whom 32 are Republicans and 17 are Democrats. A law is approved by a simple majority, but an act of filibustering requires 33 votes, one more than the Republicans have, which has allowed the parliamentary blockade of cavanaugh.

legislate hate

«I'll talk about all I want"said the state senator. So her speech is not only about the trans issue, but also about her family and the animated movies her children watch. Anything necessary to obstruct the anti-trans law.

«This bill does not come from a place to uplift a specific community, but rather to try to eradicate its existence.", he claimed cavanaugh. "And all I can think is that this is a very hateful way to do public policy. So, to be concise, that's legislating hate."He added.

The legislator estimated thatthey are choosing to prioritize legislating hate over the economic well-being of the state«. "ANDThat is a choice that you are making. They have the power and ability to discuss bills that will move our economy forward, addressing child care subsidies, food insecurity, and education«, Denounced cavanaugh.

anti-trans offensive

So far in 2023, there have been 136 bills in state legislatures to prohibit or limit care for minors in matters of gender identity. A total of 13 states have enacted laws banning medication and surgical care for trans youth. In addition to Nebraska, the states of Arizona, Texas, and Missouri they have restricted the care of trans youth without making those limitations law.

Anti-trans filibustering in the United States

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