Fernando Tejero: "They sexually abused me"

Fernando Tejero: "They sexually abused me" Fernando Tejero: "They sexually abused me"

Fernando Tejero opens up on the channel about his tough childhood: “I was a borrowed child. I suffered bullying and sexual abuse”

This Tuesday, May 2, was celebrated the International Day Against Bullying. Fernando Tejero, the well-known protagonist of the mythical series 'The one that is coming', opened on the channel in the program 'Window' for the SER chain, presented by charles francino. The actor talked about the problems he had in his childhood due to his homosexuality and revealed the sexual abuse suffered.

weaver he remembered how as a child he lived with his aunt in Cordova because that's how their parents decided to be a large family. “I was a borrowed child. When I was 14 years old, my aunt got cancer and I had to go back to my parents' house. For me it was another abandonment that has taken its toll on me over the years”, has indicated.


The actor has recognized that his childhood and adolescence were marked by numerous episodes that would serve “to write a movie. One of the delicate moments of the interview came when weaver claimed to have been a victim of bullying because of their sexual orientation. "I lived through a screwed up time, very screwed up, ten years of franc, the transition, and I wasn't me until I got to Madrid because I was homosexual, when I was little I had a lot of pen, and they already insulted me, they called me fagot". 

And then the actor brought to light something he had never spoken about publicly. “This is the first time I've told it in my life”, he assured before dropping the bomb. “They abused me. I was sexually abused by a guy older than me"He said.

“And of course, I didn't want to accept myself either by society, by my family… And, then, I took my pen away by correcting myself. My voice is hoarse today and I stutter for not being able to express myself as I was”, assured the Cordovan.

Fernando Tejero: "They sexually abused me"

Sources: La Sexta Cadena SerLa Vanguardia

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