Substitute families for LGTBIQ + people who have been rejected

Substitute families for LGTBIQ + people who have been rejected Substitute families for LGTBIQ + people who have been rejected

The community of substitute families, made up of almost 32.000 people, seeks to support people from the group on important days of their lives

A viral video of TikTok published in January has created, in less than twelve months, a community of more than 32.000 people seeking support people or couples in the group LGTBIQ + on important occasions where they should have the presence of their biological family. In the original video, Daniel Blevins, an American hairdresser, offered to come as «alternate relative»To the wedding of any homosexual couple who has been rejected by his parents.

«If I can't attend your wedding, I have friends who will«He stated, sparking the idea of ​​creating a network of«mothers and fathers»Who are willing to replace the role of others.

Substitute families for LGTBIQ + people who have been rejectedThus TikTok Stand in Families, a group of Facebook private that already has 32.000 members from 60 countries. In the last few months, at least two couples have found a «surrogate family»For their ceremony, although the group has evolved into a support network for those who feel lonely, explained its founder.

«Many of our members text or talk to each other when they need someone«, Has commented. «Especially with covid, many people feel lonely. Being isolated from your family because you have come out of the closet ... the pandemic only increases that loneliness«. For this reason, beyond weddings, many of the members offer their home for those who need it after staying on the street or organize evenings at the most significant parties of the year for those who do not have a family to celebrate them.


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Chosen family

According to a survey carried out by The Trevor Project in mental health LGTBIQ +, more than 80% of young people LGTBIQ + They have mentioned that the pandemic makes their life situations more stressful. Only 1 in 3 young people LGTBIQ + found that their homes supported, and about 70% of the youth LGTBIQ + they have said that his mental health was «small»During most of the pandemic. The study also found that 42% of young people LGTBIQ + "they seriously consideredSuicide in the last year, and more than half of them were not binary or transgender.

An initiative of «chosen family»Above«biological family»Which is being widely applauded in networks:«You have to know that you are not alone. If you need someone and want that connection, we can help you through the group«, Has defended Blevin's. Many members of the group have opened their homes over the holidays so that people who are estranged from their families don't feel alone during the Christmas season by connecting with people in their community for fun activities and home-cooked meals. A true example of the Christmas spirit.

Substitute families for LGTBIQ + people who have been rejected

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