LGTB families, adding colorful families!

LGTB families, adding colorful families!

The celebration of the 5º state meeting of LGTB families highlights the need for visibility of our families. It is not enough to legalize, we must also legitimize and change mentalities in school and society.

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  1. great this meeting the most beautiful thing that can happen to us in life, I hope that in Argentina it is visible even in Argentina they are discriminators in fact it happens to me that I am gay and I am discriminated against a very good kiss this channel of social inclusion for all communities kisses see you soon...

    1. Hi Seer, we want to share some good news with you: A well-known Argentinian LGBT activist will have his name on a school.
      We hope that this news encourages you to move forward and that together we achieve the necessary visibility to achieve our rights.
      A hug,

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