FELGTB alerts on the lack of empowerment of trans people to report hate crimes

GAYLES.TV.- Assaults, harassment, insults, sexual abuse, property damage, denial of services and workplace harassment make up the almost thousand cases of hate crimes committed against people LGTB + during 2018. On the occasion of European Day of Victims of Hate Crimes which is commemorated today, 22 July, State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Trans and Bisexuals (FELGTB) alerts about the lack of empowerment that people suffer tranny to denounce or even identify the hate crimes of those who are victims as a consequence of the strong stigma and the constant denial of their reality to which they are subjected.

The president of FELGTB, Uge Sangil, explains that “se is about people so accustomed to violence that, on the one hand, they have come to normalize it and, on the other hand, they fear being questioned or not treated correctly when reporting so, despite suffering a high rate of violence, do not go to the security forces and bodies ".

40% of hate crimes against trans people are committed by people close to the victim

En este sentido, FELGTB recently denounced that, according to a survey of a sample of trans people, more than 40% had suffered threats or psychological abuse in 2018. However, of the 971 hate crimes which FELGTB That same year, through its annual report, identified as cases registered through police centers and public bodies or LGTBI entities, 155 were against trans people, 16%.

Thus, sangil explain what "Denial of their identity is a constant aggression that these people have to face practically every day and that makes them more vulnerable to any other discrimination, especially in the case of those who cannot change their identity at the registry level so that it appears reflected in its official documentation. This exposes them to a situation of extreme vulnerability since they do not have any legal backing to prove their reality, which is not helped by the proliferation of hate speech against trans people in the public sphere that we have been experiencing in recent months".

"Therefore, it is urgent and essential that we have a state law that guarantees both the right of self-determination, such as the training of security forces and bodies in matters of trans identities ”, claims the president. And, as he assures, "the denial of trans identities can increase the incidence of hate crimes against this part of the collective."

Gender self-determination

The Secretary of State for Equality Noelia Vera stated yesterday in El País what "Gender self-determination is a right. We will legislate for that”. Vera believes that the debate within feminism about the erasure of women "is not real." «It is as if when the Law against Gender Violence was approved, the fear of false accusations had paralyzed her. We must not enter into this confrontation to which the extreme right wants to lead us. All women are women, we are partners and none of the human rights of each of us are in competition. I believe that we have to be more united than ever, because precisely the rights of all women, with all their diversity, are more threatened than ever ", remember.

Furthermore, the latest report from FELGTB also evidenced that the 7% of discriminatory incidents occurs in educational spaces and that 6% of hate crime victims for LGBTIphobia were minor of 18 years. Thus, the member recalls that “LGTBIphobia continues to be one of the main causes of bullying, which makes it essential to shield and mainstream education in affective-sexual, family and gender diversity to protect it from parental vetoes and any other type of measures that violate the rights of students ”.

FELGTB alerts on the lack of empowerment of trans people to report hate crimes

Source: FELGTB, El País

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