Luis Larraín, Chilean LGTBIQ+ activist, dies at 42

Luis Larraín dies Luis Larraín, Chilean LGTBIQ+ activist, dies at 42

“Keep going with your struggles”: the farewell message left by Luis Larraín, former president of the Iguales Foundation

This morning the Equuales Foundation issued a statement regarding the death of Luis Larrain. "We will never forget his incombustible fighting spirit, his courage in facing adversity, his temperate character, his clarity of thought and the generosity he lavished in his desire to open paths towards full equality for people. LGBTI + In our country”says part of the statement.

This Friday night, the civil engineer and co-founder of the Equuales Foundation, Luis Larraín Stieb, died at his 42 years. During the last hours, it had been known that the state of health of Larraín, affected by blood cancer, had worsened.

The family informed his friends and loved ones of his death and, as the hours passed, it was the father of Luis Larrain, who appreciated the affection, and even the President Gabriel boric, sent his condolences through the social network X.

First sexual diversity activist in Congress

Larraín, founded Iguales together with the writer Paul Simonetti and the lawyer Antonio Bascuñán in 2011. It was in 2017 when in an interview, he expressed his enthusiasm for the idea of ​​being the first sexual diversity activist to be a candidate in the Congress.

"I am excited to be the first sexual diversity activist to reach Congress, it would be an honor. Even if I stop being an activist, if I am elected, I will continue to have my heart as an activist.”, he assured. In the same context, the former president of the Iguales Foundation pointed out that the main reason why he decided to start his political career was the injustice that still remains and is present in Chile.

The activist decided to share his fight until the end. And he asked his family, the minute he died, to post a message on his Instagram. A video where Luis Larrain He says goodbye with these words “Thank you for keeping an eye on what was happening to me. I hope they continue with their struggles, whether in health, sexual diversity or whatever field.".

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