Expelled from a Cornellà nightclub for a "shit dyke"

Expelled from a Cornellà nightclub for "shitty dyke" Expelled from a Cornellà nightclub for a "shit dyke"

Lesbophobia in a nightclub in Cornellà de Llobregat: a girl is expelled for kissing her girlfriend

The events occurred last Saturday at the nightclub Mambo disco show de Cornellà de Llobregat. Husbands, 42 years old, went with her partner and five friends to the Peruvian group's concert cheap. Around 22 p.m. he kissed her girl and a security guard came to scold her, telling her to stop bothering the customers. According to the story of HusbandsNo one had complained about anything. In another demonstration of affection, the same security guard returned and said "Second time I tell you that you are bothering me. Out«.

She notified the rest of the security team and four of them expelled her from the premises with struggles. When she asked why she was kicked out they said she was smoking and she was being disruptive. Husbands He claims that at no time did he smoke or bother anyone. During the struggle, one of the security personnel, with a look of hatred, whispered to him: "fucking dyke«.

"Shitty dyke"

Expelled from a Cornellà nightclub for "shitty dyke"They violently removed her from the premises, as can be seen in the video. She called the police but before he arrived he left in a taxi with his partner. The friends who remained at the premises asked for the complaint form, which at first they were reluctant to give. Finally, they sealed it, adding the observation that the client left the premises on her own, when in the videos you can see the violence of the expulsion.

On Sunday afternoon he went to QUAP to make an injury report and today denounced the facts to the police. He has a purple arm and a cervical contracture.

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