United States: after abortion, gay marriage?

United States: after abortion, gay marriage? United States: after abortion, gay marriage?

Fear in the US that after abortion, the Supreme Court will pursue other rights such as equal marriage

The United States is about to repeal the sentence with which 49 years ago it endorsed the right to abortion throughout the country, the so-called case Roe vs. Wade. The final decision of the Supreme Court, whose draft was leaked to the press a week ago, will be known at the end of June or beginning of July and, if the draft is confirmed, its consequences will be enormous.

The national director of Programs, Advocacy and Government Affairs of Amnesty International USA, Tarah Demant, which is also its main expert on gender and reproductive rights, warns of the tremendous impact that this decision will have on the human rights, health and lives of millions of women. “The decision on abortion is only the beginning, the next thing is an assault on LGBTI people”, he warns. This is just the beginning of an ultra-conservative campaign that has civil rights in its sights and that seeks to consolidate an authoritarian drift.

President Joe Biden warned that "all decisions about privacy» of Americans and «a number of other rights» are at stake. Among them, contraception and same-sex marriage.

LGTBIQ+ rights at stake

United States: after abortion, gay marriage?En New York, the metropolis with a left-wing soul and a historic bastion of movements in support of minorities and people LGTBIThousands of protesters took to the streets to let their anger be heard. The protesters, many of whom do not feel represented by either the Court's jurists or politicians, warned that the conservative onslaught will not stop with abortion.

If the Supreme Court of the United States erases with a stroke of the pen the right of women to have an abortion, jurists and activists they fear that same-sex marriage is the next target of the conservatives.

The plaintiff to whom the legalization of the gay marriage in the US in 2015, Jim Obergefell, is among those who believe that the constitutional right to equality in conjugal unions is at clear risk if the Supreme Court confirms the annulment of free abortion. The planned decision to annul the ruling by which the Supreme Court itself decriminalized the voluntary interruption of pregnancy in 1973, in the case Roe vs. Wade, "is an invitation to all those who oppose same-sex marriage and the rights of the LGBTQ+ community”, to whom the message is given that “now they have a powerful friend", He said Obergefell.

United States: after abortion, gay marriage?

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