The obituary that gave a lesson in naturalness

The obituary that gave a lesson in normality The obituary that gave a lesson in naturalness

The applauded viral obituary that is considered a victory for the LGTBI collective

The reading of obituaries is one of the most deeply rooted hobbies in our country. Often, the brief text is used to launch some advice, hidden message and even puya. The case at hand is different. This obituary has gone viral due to its naturalness. Such an unusual naturalness, that it has even surprised the community LGTBIQ +.

Has been the Twitter user @javierfc, who has shared on his networks an obituary that he saw in a regional newspaper. “I have erased surnames and places, but it is a town of 7.000 inhabitants. If the family of an 80-year-old man in the rural world already publishes an obituary like this, it means that there is no turning back, that this is won, even if the cave barks”, pointed out Javier Figuereido next to a picture and a rainbow-colored flag.

As can be seen in the image, the name of an eighty-year-old man appears in the obituary, who is described as “husband of the lord Juan Luis”. Neither more nor less than a couple formed by two homosexual men who are shown in the obituary just as they were, something that should be very common but is not, and even less so in the rural world.

Thousands of people have applauded the message

The image has not taken long to go viral on the networks, accumulating thousands of « » and all kinds of comments from users, most congratulations assuring that something as simple as an obituary like this can be considered a victory for the LGTBI community.

"Don Francisco (DEP) and don Juan Luis were happy no matter how much their love makes some people feel bad. It had to be said and it was saidor” or “Well, there is no way, and battles to lose yet, before winning the war”, have been some of the most popular comments by users.


Sources: La Vanguardia

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