Spain will not support the LGTBI community in Qatar

Spain will not support the LGTBI community in Qatar Spain will not support the LGTBI community in Qatar

Other teams make pro LGTBI gestures that question Qatar

Spain will not join the list of teams that will claim the rights of the collective LGTBI during Qatar World Cup. This has been confirmed by sources from the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF)whose president, Luis rubiales, is under the media and judicial scrutiny when transferring the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia. From the Spanish delegation they have been categorical: «We come to play a World Cup«. A message that makes it clear that the federal entity will not stray from the path marked out by Gianni Infantino, President of the FIFA, which demanded that the teams allow football to be the protagonist in the face of the «political battles«.

Last week, soccer's governing body sent a clear message urging teams to limit themselves to playing soccer, ignoring political demands. The FIFA, according to the letter signed by Infantino, it is fullyconscious" of the "many challenges and political difficulties” that there are all over the world. However, they stressed that all people would be welcome in Qatar, regardless of theirorigin, background, religion, gender or sexual orientation".

«We come to play a World Cup«

In short, that "football takes center stage" to the detriment of "political battles”. A mantra that has made its own RFEF. The national team will not follow up on eight other teams that have expressed their intention to claim the rights LGTBI during your participation in the World Cupas England, which even assumes the probable fine that may be imposed FIFA.

the english challenge

The football federation in England, FA (Football Association) has already announced that it will gladly face the sanction that may be imposed from Zurich. Your president, Mark Bullingham, has certified that the captain Harry Kane, will wear on his left arm the colors of the rainbow flag, symbol of the collective LGTBI. One day before the start of the World Cup, the president of the FA has confirmed that England will consummate his rebellion and show support for the collective LGTBI. "They have not responded to our request. We may be penalized. If so, we will pay the penalty".

Precisely, it has been England one of the most belligerent and critical countries with the election of Qatar as the seat of World 2022. The British press has led journalistic investigations that have made visible the sewers of the selection process and the subsequent scandals, such as alleged phishing of people critical of the qatari state or the death of more than 6.500 workers -immigrants in their entirety- during the construction of the stadiums.

LGBTI gestures

So far, a total of eight teams have decided to wear a bracelet LGTBI. Those are: Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, Wales and England. El Airbus 350 who will wear the England team is called rain bow and is symbol LGTBIWhile Germany will travel in a plane that claims the values ​​contrary to the regime of the organizer of the World Cup. «diversity wins«.

On the other hand, United States has been another of the precursors to claim the rights LGTBI. He decided to install his flag at the training facilities to show his full support even though it goes against the rules present in Qatar. «We included the rainbow brand to support and embrace the LGBTI community, as well as to promote a spirit of inclusion and welcome to all fans around the world.", were the words of the communication director of the American team, Neil Buethe.

Denmark It has also been another one that has been under the spotlight. The Nordics not only stayed in defense of politics LGTBI, but sought to promote the application of the Human rights. They have already made it official that they would wear a special shirt during their matches, where the logos of the brand and their country would be practically erased.

Spain will not support the LGTBI community in Qatar

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