Enrique del Pozo opens the channel

Enrique del Pozo opens the channel Enrique del Pozo opens the channel

Enrique del Pozo suffered harassment at the age of eleven by a priest: «He wanted me to masturbate him«

Henry of the Well, new collaborator of the program Viva la vida de Telecinco, starred this Sunday «The ladder of emotions«, A section in which the collaborators recall passages from their lives that have marked them and that, until now, have been unknown to a large part of the public. The artist has not skimped on details about the hardest episodes of his life, such as a complicated childhood, the acceptance of his sexual orientation or the betrayals suffered within the television world, from which he had been away for a decade until now.

The collaborator has explained to viewers that he suffered an attempted sexual abuse by a priest when he was only 11 years old. "It still produces a kind of knot in my stomach”, He expressed before beginning the story. «He wanted me to masturbate him, but the terrible thing was the subsequent blackmail, I was afraid that they would take away the scholarship with which I was studying and my mother would not be able to pay for my studies, I never told my mother about this. I remember being afraid of falling asleep, he was in the next room and I was terrified to be there with him«.


Another important point of the life experience of Henry of the Well it was his public acceptance as a bisexual person. A "fight"Because of which he had to make montages with women so that the media would think they were his partners."We were forced to pretend, I had to do two montages with women »he admitted. Until he realized that it was better to confess his bisexuality: «I realized that I couldn't be 40 years old fooling the public and fooling myself«.

The forbidden night (Antena 3) was the space that helped him recognize that he was not heterosexual. In fact, thanks to television, he met his current partner: «I've been with him for three months, he contacted me through social networks, he was a bodyguard when I worked in Martian Chronicles and there he introduced us Mainat (…) Twenty years later, destiny has wanted him to fall in love with me and for me to fall in love with him.l ».

Couple of a famous soccer player

Also Enrique dropped a bomb that left all collaborators intrigued. «I was dating a well-known footballer for four years«He admitted. After useless comments to get a name out of him, he settled: «I am not going to enter the game because it is a complicated situation ... Maintaining a relationship with a footballer does not mean that they are always partying. It is a very hard and sacrificial profession… If the player is bisexual or homosexual, the issue is much more complicated because there is still a lot of homophobia«.

Sources: TelecincoLa Vanguardia

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