«EnFemme», the documentary about crossdressing

«EnFemme», the documentary about crossdressing

The documentary «EnFemme» tells the reality of crossdressing in Barcelona

GAYLES.TV.- The practice of Crossdressing It is quite unknown. The researches for her doctoral thesis led the anthropologist Alba Barbé to know the club EnFemme, a kind of giant closet where people can be and dress as they feel. A private space where the germ of the documentary that along with the photographer Mar C. Llop and an increasing number of people are working to tell the reality of crossdressing in Barcelona.


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    1. M seems all fantastic, if you have to live two lives, one will always be the true one and the kt will give the guidelines to be what you want to be, and listen to me, it's never really late, the only thing that occurs is to take my hat off These people and encourage them to continue on their way, in my modest opinion he is the real one, strength and forward, with a couple of what you want to put, encouragement for me, you are stars, kisses.

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