Revealing results of a survey of 1.559 LBT + women

79% of LGBT + women feel less visible than gay men Revealing results of a survey of 1.559 LBT + women

79% of lesbian, trans, or bisexual women feel less visible than gay men

GAYLES.TV.- From 2008 each April 26 Is celebrated the Lesbian Visibility Day. Diva Media Group has had the initiative to create the Lesbian Visibility Week. To release it, he has released the results of one of the largest surveys carried out  LGBT + women (although in this case it would be more correct to use LBT +). The responses of the 1.559 women lesbian, bisexual, trans or queer (mainly from United Kingdom) who answered the questions create a photo of the group today.

79% of LGBT + women feel less visible than gay menAmong the results obtained, it stands out that the 79% of LGBT + women they feel less visible than gay men. The investigation also found that the 37% of mothers says that their children have been victims of homophobia because they are LGBT +.
More data: a 86% of the women surveyed are open about their sexuality with close friends.
La mental salud also deserves a separate note in this survey from which one in three women has experienced psychic abuse due to their sexuality, one in two she doesn't feel safe in him public transport or with a 35% He claims to have suffered some mental health problem.
At labor sphere el 50% of the respondents you haven't completely come out of the closet at work. Little more than 27% of the women said that people had made them feel uncomfortable at work because of their sexuality. But that number rose to more than 46% when the researchers asked the same question about the gender identity. Most of those who have come out of the closet feel socially accepted at work and do not feel that their sexual orientation has affected their career.
When it comes to parenting, the 22% of women have children and even 25%  they would like to have them in the futureand an 37% of the LGBT + women with sons or daughters have suffered homophobia from other parents y one in three boys or girls with LGBT + parents has experienced homophobia.
Over 92% of women do not take trips or vacations focused on LGBT +. However, more than 60% would go on a women only trip or vacation.
The Week of Lesbian Visibility begins!

79% of LGBT + women feel less visible than gay men

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