European Meeting of Families LGTBIQ * (NELFA)

European Meeting of Families LGTBIQ * (NELFA)

NELFA: European meeting of families LGTBIQ * in Barcelona.

European LGTBIQ * families have met in Barcelona to celebrate the General Assembly of the Network of European LGBTI Families Associations (NELFA) organized by the Associació de Famílies Lesbianes i Gais (FLG). This association has members of 29 European countries that represent 25 collective organizations. Among its objectives is to weave a network to give visibility to other family models and share experiences on different legislations. Maria Von Kanel (President NELFA), Luis Amorim (Secretary NELFA) and Vicent Borràs (Vice President FLG) explain the conclusions agreed during the meeting.

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