Empar Pineda, a rebellious woman

Empar Pineda will receive the Medal of Honor of Barcelona 2022 next November 30

Empar Pineda was born in hernani in 1944. She was a communist militant and anti-Francoist fighter, for which she was expelled from the University in Madrid and imprisoned during the dictatorship. During the transition she moved to Barcelona, ​​where she assures that she discovered feminisms thanks to her fellow fighters from the Communist Movement of Catalonia. In 1976 she was part of the Feminist Coordinator of Barcelona who organized the First Catalan Days of the Dona.

A year later she participated in the first LGTBI demonstration in Barcelona, ​​and in 1981 she was the founder of the Collective of Lesbian Feminists of Madrid and participated in the creation of the CPro-Abortion Rights omission. In 1987 Empar Pineda participated, along with George Petit, in the program of RTVE  "And what do you think?" .

Currently, he is an active part of the Hetaira Collective, in defense of the rights of sex workers and the older LGTB group 26 Foundation of December.

On November 30, 2022, Empar Pineda will receive the Barcelona Medal of Honor 2022 at the request of the Platform of LGTBI Entities of Catalonia, for the work, courage and vision of the lesbian and feminist struggle.


Cover photo: medina job

Archive images RTVE «And what do you think» – The taboo of homosexuality 22/06/1987


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