Ellen DeGeneres or the cruelty of mediocrity

Ellen DeGeneres or the cruelty of mediocrity Ellen DeGeneres or the cruelty of mediocrity

Why does everyone hate Ellen DeGeneres now?

GAYLES.TV.- The achievements of Ellen DeGeneres on television and as an icon LGTB + they are unquestionable. 23 years ago he put his career at risk in the most famous coming out of the closet in the cathodic history of America. It was in his series with the chapter «The Puppy Episode«. That same year he starred on the cover of the magazine Time with the headline «Yes, I'm gay«. She was a brave woman when it was not easy to be so and she played it. His speed, freshness and sense of humor have made «The Ellen DeGeneres Show », often called simply «Ellen », be a talk show that has been on the air for 15 years. Ellen he is married to the actress portia de rossi, is winner of a Globo de Oro (1995), has eight awards Emmy, was presenter of the Oscars and author of the selfie that immortalized Hollywood, Barack Obama  decorated her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Throughout her career, the charismatic comedian has amassed a fortune of € 305 million. It seemed like a dream life, and suddenly everything went wrong.

Ellen DeGeneres or the cruelty of mediocrityThe crisis of COVID-19 made him have to present the program from home. A fabulous mansion in Santa Barbara (to the north of Los Angeles) that he shares with his companion of the last two decades and his dogs. The first stumble was a bad joke. It was the third week of confinement when he compared his confinement to prison "This is like being in jail, that's what it is. Especially since I have been wearing the same clothes for 10 days and everyone inside is gay."He finished DeGeneres before applauding his own joke (you can see the video at the end of the news). The networks quickly burned criticizing his folly. Without a doubt, an unfortunate comment. But does that justify the lynching he received afterwards?

The cruelty of mediocrity

The comedian Kevin T Porter he threw the first stone opening a thread in Twitter and offering a dollar (which he would donate to a food bank) for each comment about the alleged mistreatment of DeGeneres To him eployees. The flow of responses exceeded expectations, and left the presenter very badly. The second big jackpot came from a bodyguard who charged for an interview on the conservative network Fox News to report that Ellen she was a despot who treated him in a humiliating way.

Since last criticism, the haters (professionals?) and the accusations that discredit the presenter have been a constant that has kept many Americans distracted in a media-morbid soap opera. What is true in the accusations? Is there a campaign against Ellen? Why do people enjoy this lynching so much?

Ellen DeGeneres: Woman, Democrat, Rich and Lesbian

Would they have attacked the same way if instead of a woman, a democrat, rich, lesbian and with a strong character, the protagonist of the gossip was a despotic and unbearable man? How James Cameron, Lars von Trier, Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, Bruce Willis, Christian Bale, Justin Bieber, Mel Gibson, all of them with accredited fame of despots, detestable and unfriendly.

We do not know what is true in the accusations, yes, okay, he made a very unfortunate comment about his confinement, but does this justify such cruel cruelty towards him? What strange mechanism is activated in the brain haters which causes this vortex of ruthless insults towards Ellen DeGeneres?

We refuse to be part of this maelstrom of haters, so we value all that Ellen DeGeneres has done and does for the lesbian visibility and rights of LGBT + people.


Source: El País, Pink News

Photography: The Ellen DeGeneres Show


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4 opinions about "Ellen DeGeneres or the cruelty of mediocrity"

  1. Ellen go on with life there just jealous of where you came from and what you have done for humanity and where your going we all screw up and some day you will be the bigger LBGY SO PUSH AHEAD don't look over your shoulder Mel Gibson and the others screw up to but you keep on doing what Ellen does best for humanity DG

    1. If Ellen makes misplaced jokes, then treat her like someone who makes misplaced jokes. This article says: But Justin Bieber ... But Lars Von Trier ... Aha, you say it yourselves, they have a reputation as despots and it is because they have also been talked about. So it is not out of place to talk about Ellen, because she is also a despot. Everyone received their hatred, and with good reason. In these times, surely if the joke had made reference to blacks, they would not defend it the same way.

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