What do lesbians want?

What do lesbians want?

Lesbian tourism is consolidated in Fitur Gay - LGBT

VIDEO GAYLES.TV | For second consecutive Year Ella Travel presents the best offer in lesbian tourism en Fitur Gay - LGBT. Different companies have shown their proposals to cover the needs of the women of the collective. Assisted reproduction clinics like Girexx o Reprofiv  and specialized destinations, such as Arona en South Tenerife, in addition to initiatives designed for this target, gathered last January at the Tourism Fair FITUR. A market study was also presented whose objective has been to understand what the demands of the lesbians.

Kristin Hansen y Yamila Hansen Di Santo de Hansen & Partner, Sylvia Lacosta de Tenerife Les Friendly, Shiho Ikeuchi of the Hotel Granvia Kyoto, José Cruz de Random y Gemma Zelaia de Woman Sarea participate in this report to provide their vision on the lesbian tourism.

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