A coach to "leave homosexuality behind"

A coach to "leave homosexuality behind"

Coach Elena Lorenzo Rego offers her services at Grindr

GAYLES.TV.- "I'm elena. Psychotherapist and Expert Coach in AMS (Same Sex Attraction). I can help you get out of homosexuality and loneliness. See you at: elenalorenzo.com«. With this text Elena Lorenzo Rego a profile was opened in Grindr to offer its services to those who wish to resolve their «emotional, affective and anthropological problem«. A user of the application reported his profile and thanks to him we have discovered his blog, a gold mine that has no waste.

Coach Elena Lorenzo Rego offers her services in Grindr

On your blog I know, Elena Lorenzo states emphatically that "we are born heterosexual" and challenges that "if not, someone will tell you otherwise and defend it as he listens to empty speeches of content and learned by heart«. According to her, there is a difference between gay and homosexual, which she explains as follows: «Gay is a social and political identity, homosexuality is a psychological condition. “Let us understand that homosexuality is not about sex, but about identity, a search to find oneself. Homosexuality becomes a “sexualization” of unmet emotional needs in childhood or early age », Add. Almost nothing.

In 2016, Elena Lorenzo it was already news after receiving a complaint from the association Arcópoli who denounced that their activities violated the Law against LGBTophobia. The coach defended herself stating that «The funny thing about all this is that this law (Law of comprehensive protection against LGBTophobia) supports only those who do accept their own guidance. But if someone wants to change it, the law prohibits supporting them. I wonder if this aspect of the law makes it egalitarian, to say the least«. He College of Psychologists of Madrid through his working group Sexual and Gender Diversity prepared a lawsuit for intrusion against Elena Lorenzo since they could not sue her for the practices she performs since she is not a collegiate.

Journalist Selena soro, from the Catalan newspaper Search, decided to make an appointment for Skype or Whatsapp and pretended to be a lesbian girl who wanted to stop being a lesbian. The dissemination of the conversation revealed the coach and revealed how harmful it would be for a person to follow a therapy of these characteristics. Despite being only a first informative conversation, Lorenzo he came to explain that "no one is born”Homosexual and that“The attraction to people of the same sex is the result of conflicts of the past, often derived from a bad relationship with the father or the mother«.

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