The Rubius: "I am bi"

The Rubius: "I am bi" The Rubius: "I am bi"

El Rubius makes his bisexuality public in an applauded intervention with streamers: "Any problem?"

Ruben Doblas, better known as The Rubius, has been widely applauded in the last hours after speaking openly about his sexuality in a live stream, while talking with other streamers such as Accepted o elXokas.

The youtuber, now resident in Andorra, he was remembering his adolescence, when he was a fan of Tokio Hotel, and has recognized that he was attracted to both boys and emo girls. «I fell in love with all the emo and all the emo«, he commented, assuring that when he discovered that the vocalist of the group was a boy, «he liked it much more«.

A statement that did not go unnoticed by Accepted, who asked him directly «Do you like emos and emos? Both? You're bisexual?. «Yes, I like both. Any problem?", answered.

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«i am bi", he reiterated later. The statement moved his fans, who have been watching tracks for a long time and were waiting for the streamer take the step publicly.


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The clip has not taken long to go viral and opinions have flooded the networks in recent hours. Many say they expect a more official statement from the youtuber to confirm their sexuality, while others believe that everything is a joke between friends and they are not entirely clear about the truth.

Some statements that, if true, could be considered a breakthrough for the community of Twitch since the platform continues to be the one with the least references LGTBI They express their belonging to the collective openly.

It is not the first time that he has talked about his bisexuality, he would have already recognized the same thing on at least two previous occasions.

Currently, The Rubius He is engaged to the model and influencer Irina Isasia, 29, with whom he has been in a relationship for more than five years.

The Rubius: "I am bi"


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