The PSOE once again blocks the Trans Law

The PSOE once again blocks the Trans Law The PSOE once again blocks the Trans Law

The PSOE marks as a red line to support the trans law that minors under 16 years of age receive judicial authorization

The processing of the Trans Law is raising the level of tension between the two partners in the Coalition government. Bill PSOE has come out of the way of denouncing the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, that the socialists do not want the agreement by keeping alive their amendments that limit gender self-determination, the fundamental axis of the law. The minister has expressed concern that these amendments could go ahead with the support of the PP.

The discrepancies with the PSOE remain after the socialists have transferred to Huntsman that they have no intention of removing the amendment requiring minors between the ages of 12 and 16 years a court guarantee to change sex. The socialists maintain that they do not give for “closed no negotiation process” regarding the law of Ministry of Equality although they insist that it is necessary to provide it with more “legal security» on the subject of minors.

"Legal security"

"It is an essential, fundamental issue to have that legal certainty", has remarked the number two of the PSOE, Maria Jesus Montero who claims the legitimacy of his party to present amendments as with any other legislative project. It puts the focus on the fact that minors form a collective “very sensible" who must be protected and specified that in the amendments to the PSOE "their right to registration in the registry is not denied” of young people between the ages of 14 and 16.

The law drafted by Equality It is very similar to one presented by the Socialists themselves a few years ago. Besides, the Andalusian trans law who led the PSOE at the time it contemplated many of the situations that socialists now reject in state law.

"Why have you forsaken us?"

A few weeks ago, Carla Antonelli, a reference in trans and militant activism of the PSOE, announced that he was withdrawing from the formation. This Monday, after learning about the party's position, she has once again been very critical. “Why have you abandoned us? What has been said, the human rights of trans people used as a smoke screen against other norms, the PSOE it is maintained in the new amendments that further reduce the dignity of a battered group. Pain and shame and others ", has denounced in a tweet.

En United We can it is feared that the socialists will choose to turn towards the PP at that stage of the parliamentary process. “The PSOE has presented amendments that reduce the rights of trans people. Now he tells us that he does not want to negotiate them and that he is going to leave them alive in the commission. That means the PSOE It intends to carry out this cut in LGTBI rights with the PP. plain”, he concluded Paul Echenique, his spokesman in the Congress.

The PSOE once again blocks the Trans Law

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