The PSOE abstains and blocks the Trans Law

The PSOE abstains and blocks the Trans Law The PSOE abstains and blocks the Trans Law

Trans organizations ask the PSOE to "refrain from appearing" in Pride after not supporting their law in Congress

Trans organizations, promoters of the bill that has been debated this Tuesday in the Congress on the rights of this group, have asked the PSOE than "refrain from appearing»This year at the festivities of Pride and that "release»The trans flag, after its abstention in the take into consideration this law.

The president of the Trans Platform Federation, Mar Cambrollé, has described the attitude of the socialists in this debate as "shameful and childish" and has regretted that the decision of the PSOE has ended with the fall of the text and with a «historical photo of transfachito, with PP, Vox and PSOE as the only parties that do not support the Trans Law«.

Carmen Calvo leading the blockade

The PSOE abstains and blocks the Trans Law«I would also be concerned if it had been admitted to process to inflate it with enimendas and let it sleep in the sleep of the just these two years that remain in the legislaturea« has declared Carla Antonelli. Antonelli she was the first transsexual woman to take office with parliamentary representation. Deputy since 2011 was out of the Assembly of Madrid in the last elections since he was at number 35 on the list of the PSOE. Bad tongues explain that it is the price that he has had to pay to stand firm with his convictions and criticize some positions of his own party in relation to the Trans Law, especially those of the vice president Carmen Calvo.

«Many of the situations that have occurred over the past year are neither understood nor understood, specifically since the night of June 9, when a transphobic pamphlet came out, which at the time I already pointed out that it did not represent me at all. Because they are commitments that are in the electoral program of the PSOE and identical texts to those that were registered in 2017 ″ says Antonelli.

As well Anna valenzuela, president of Chrysallis, has manifested "We are very concerned that due to the lack of political will on the part of the Vice President Carmen Calvo this Law remains in a drawer as happened in the last legislature«.


Still, organizations do not feel defeated. Cambrollé has explained to the media that they have achieved their goal of having the standard debated in the Low camera of what power «see the faces»Of those who are for and against the rights of trans people.

In this sense, Mar Cambrollé thanked the «courage»Of the groups that registered the initiative (ERC, Together, CUP, PDeCAT) –Which emerged as an alternative to the text of the Ministry of Equality «locked" for him PSOE- And all the parties that have supported it and that are, the activist has indicated, those who support the socialists in the Government.

Between shouts of «there will be Trans Law" Y "with Carmen Calvo we are not safe », the president of the organization has rejected the excuses of the PSOE when they have said that their abstention is due to the request of some organizations that doubt the text. «We represent families and 100% of trans collectives", has declared.

Report to the State

Precisely, the president of Euphoria. Trans-allied families, Natalia Aventin, has denounced the «legal uncertainty»In which the country supports trans families and minors and, in this sense, has announced a complaint against the State«due to lack of protection»Of these children, after the Constitutional law endorsed the change of gender in minors in 2019, 12 years after the law for the modification of the registry was approved.

The PSOE abstains and blocks the Trans Law

Sources: Europa Press

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