India's first trans pilot is banned from flying for six months

India's first trans pilot India's first trans pilot is banned from flying for six months

Adam Harry is prohibited from flying for six months after the diagnosis of gender dysphoria

GAYLES.TV.- To the first trans pilot of the India She has been banned from flying for six months because of her diagnosis of gender dysphoria. adam harry, 21, obtained his private pilot license from the Skylark Aviation Academy de Johannesburg. He rose to fame for being the first trans pilot of the India. But now she has been banned from flying for the next six months after a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

India's first trans pilotIn a letter dated March 18 from the Medical Evaluation Board of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, a Harry He informed him that he could not fly until a new medical appointment authorized him. «What they are trying to say here is that gender dysphoria is a disease«, Complaint Harry, in an interview in The New Indian Express.

“TI've had to go through countless painful procedures to get a medical certificate in the first place. As requested, I had delivered letters from my psychiatrist and endocrinologist to demonstrate my physical condition«He added. “As I am a transgender person, it is difficult for me to obtain my medical certificates and tests.

India's first trans pilot

Harry is Thrissur in the state of Kerala, south of the India. He left his hometown at the age of 19 to escape transphobic attacks. The state government funded a three-year commercial pilot training course. Thus he became the country's first commercial trans pilot.

Despite this, the authorities have now taken away his pilot's license. «Gender issues are extremely poorly understood in our country", recognize Harry. "There are many misconceptions and generalizations that DGCA doctors and medical authority work on. They will never influence this issue and I don't think it will change unless the authorities make a conscious effort to learn more about transgender medical conditions. In other countries, they have an adequate guide to issue medical certificates for transgender pilots«, He laments.

India's first trans pilot

Source: Pink News, edexlive

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