The PRIDE! Barcelona does not go out

The PRIDE! Barcelona does not go out The PRIDE! Barcelona does not go out

PRIDE! Barcelona announces the programming of its first televised and virtual version of history

GAYLES.TV.- In order to maintain the visibility of the claims and not lose the festive part, the PRIDE! Barcelona has announced the programming of its first televised version. The Covid-19 has forced to rethink the Barcelona pride that has opted for a virtual edition. Of the 22 to the 27 of June will be issued in Betevé and on social networks gatherings that will give space and visibility to the demands of the group and a late show which will feature interviews and televised performances and streaming.

Jordi Chicletol will be in charge of conducting the five round tables that will be broadcast daily starting at 19: 00h during the week of 22 al 26 de junio en Betevé and the digital platforms of PRIDE! Barcelona.

The 30-minute long gatherings will feature topics such as LGBTI Phobia, sexual health, diverse families, vulnerabilities and sports and culture among others, in the imagination of the spectators and will serve as a moment to learn about the reality of the group in the new Post Covid normality as well as to celebrate the rights achieved so far and claim those still to be achieved.

The PRIDE! Barcelona does not go out"We want people not to forget that the demands of the collective, we have lived through very complicated moments and the demands are still there. We also want to continue with people and that we can be seen from their homes, from bars, with friends or family. This edition of pride! it will be enjoyed differently, but we will not let it go out. It is the first time that we do a pride! for television, but even if we return to normal, it is surely a format that we will maintain. Entertainment and vindication are assured and we can reach more people » comment Ferran Poca, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Pride! Barcelona.

The firecracker part will arrive on Saturday June 27 from the 22: 00h with a late show presented by Sharonne y Jordi Chicletol. Interviews, musical performances and lots of fun will be the main ingredients that will make up this space. The magazine of more than 3 hours will have guests from all over the world in streaming or face-to-face format and will serve as the closing ceremony for pride! Barcelona 2020.

Call to hang rainbow flags throughout the city

little adds that "While some institutions and courts talk about the banning of flags, we encourage all citizens to hang rainbow flags on their balconies and ask the emblematic and institutional buildings of the city, which are not yet illuminated with the colors of the rainbow, to give that step and turn Pride into a vindication of rights for everyone«.

LGTBIQ + cinema at a reduced price thanks to the agreement with Filmin and Culturia

Platform The film will offer during the week of 22 al 28 de junio 5 themed movies LGTBIQ + on the occasion of the week of Pride! Barcelona, as well as a digital meeting on Sunday 28 June to talk and debate about the films. The films that can be viewed for € 1,20 will be: "The center of my world«,“1985","End of century","A summer love"And"Samantha Hudson, a story of faith, sex and electroqueer".

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