The "danger" of rainbow toys

The danger of rainbow toys The "danger" of rainbow toys

Saudi Arabia confiscates toys and clothes with the colors of the rainbow because "promote homosexuality“, according to its Ministry of Commerce

The authorities of Saudi Arabia have confiscated toys and children's clothes with the colors of the rainbow because they consider that promote homosexuality, as reported by state television in the country. officials of the Ministry of Commerce several items have been withdrawn from stores in the Saudi capital; among them, pop-its toys, t-shirts, hair clips, hats or pencil cases.

In a video posted on the profile of Twitter of the Ministry of Commerce, you can see a couple of officials strolling through a shopping center in Riad, seizing toys with the colors of the rainbow under the pretext that they carry symbols that «call diversion" Y "contradicts common sense«. Businesses that do not comply face legal consequences.

The same measure has already been adopted by Qatar.

According to the most radical interpretation of Islamic law by Saudi Arabia, homosexual relationships are punishable by death or flogging, as well as those behaviors that violate the «public order, religious values, or public morals«. Last April, the country already censored the film «Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness» considering that it contained homosexual references.

On the other hand, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced last Monday that the film of Pixar «Lightyear» it could not be released in theaters because it included a scene in which two female characters kiss.

The danger of rainbow toys

Sources: El Periodiconius

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