The Pope recommends psychiatry for gay children

Pope Francisco Pedophilia Ireland The Pope recommends psychiatry for gay children

Pope Francis recommends parents of homosexual children turn to a psychiatrist

GAYLES.TV.- "When this manifests itself from childhood, there are many things to do through psychiatry, to see how things are", He said Pope Francisco last Sunday at a press conference on the plane that took him back to Vatican from Ireland.

What would you tell the parents to detect homosexual orientations in your son, a journalist asked him, Jorge Bergoglio replied"I would tell them, first of all, to pray, not to condemn, to dialogue, understand, give space to the son or daughter." He also specified that the age of the persons had to be taken into account: "Another thing is when that manifests itself after the age of 20". «I will never say that silence is a remedy. Ignoring your son or daughter with homosexual tendencies it is a paternity or maternity defect », added the pontiff.

The statements he made after his visit to Ireland in which the Pope Francisco suffocated by accusations of abuse in the church has improvised a mea culpa. As if he were new, as if he knew nothing when recently a former high-ranking Vatican official accused him to conceal sexual abuse, since he knew the denunciations against the cardinal Theodore McCarrick. The Pennsylvania grand jury report he also discovered that the Vatican he knew the abuses at least since 1963. He intoned a mea culpa just because they caught him. Shame and disgust.

Pope Francisco Pedophilia Ireland

Sources: El País, PublicInfobae, The Point 

Photographs: Will Oliver (EFE) / AFP


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