Pope Francis rectifies and promises a radical reform in the Church

Pope Francis sexual abuse pope chile Pope Francis rectifies and promises a radical reform in the Church

The Vatican rectifies its position on blessings to homosexual couples after an article in El País

the theologian Juan Jose Tamayo published yesterday in the newspaper El País an opinion piece titled Clandestine blessings to homosexual couples? in which he maintains that the last decision of the Vatican maintains discrimination against non-heterosexual people and, in reality, «does not constitute any progress on the path towards equality in the Catholic Church«.

El Vatican has echoed the article and has recognized that the announcement made last week in which it was open to bless homosexual couples In reality it does not change anything and maintains discrimination based on sexual orientation, thus producing a double standard for Christians.

In order to correct this manifest contradiction, since Christian theology affirms the equality of all Christian people through baptism, pope francisco has committed to profoundly reforming the Catholic Church and do it radically so that people LGTBIQ + do not continue to be discriminated against.

Rebel priests will bless gay unions despite Vatican veto


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