The academic success of gay men

The academic success of gay men The academic success of gay men

More than half of gay men have earned a college degree, according to a study by Joel Mittleman

The investigator maintains Joel mittleman than "If gay men in America formed their own country, it would be by far the most educated in the world." mittleman (male, white, possibly gay, and not free from unconscious bias) is in charge of a study that has just been published in American Sociological Review and it explains things as surprising as why gays do better in academics and lesbians (who are not white) worse, compared to their heterosexual peers.

According to the report, the gender gap in American higher education is now the largest it has ever been, and if current trends continue, two women will soon complete college for every man. But there is one group that, for generations, has bucked this trend: gay men. His achievement could also be the key to closing the gap for his heterosexual peers. And this pattern is not limited to white gay men. “Across every racial and ethnic group that I could measure, gay men outperform straight men in college completion » states Mittleman.

Among the key findings of the study is that more than half of homosexual men have obtained a university degreecompared to about 35 percent of heterosexual men, and have a 50 percent higher rate of completing a terminal degree. Gay men had higher grades and were less likely to drop out of school.

School dropout of lesbians according to racial and ethnic group?

The academic success of gay menMore than 25 percent of lesbians reported dropping out of schoolcompared to 15 percent of heterosexual women. Lesbian women are more likely to graduate from college than straight women, but only if they are white, always according to the report. It would be necessary to check whether there is sufficient representation of lesbians of different ethnicities and races in the report to reach this conclusion.

The researcher suggests that although homosexual boys and girls may feel stress due to their sexual orientation, coming out of the closet, fear of rejection, etc., they tend to channel this stress differently.

"To the extent that it is considered feminine to study and appreciate validation in an academic sphere, gay boys will have an advantage", He said john pachankis, psychologist at Yale School of Public Health. He also explains that homosexual men are the furthest from the idea of ​​toxic masculinity, so their efforts are not aimed at being something they are not or messing with the weakest.

Mittleman claims that the gay men seek superlative achievements to counteract internalized homophobia. Queer women and girls, however, may express themselves in ways that are perceived as masculine or rebel against “good girl” norms, which would affect their academic performance…

All this, according to the study by Joel Mittleman, who by the way is male and white... possibly gay and author, in 1994, of an article entitled "Why lesbians are not homosexuals" where certain unconscious biases are already intuited. 

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