"The Danish Girl", Eddie Redmayne in the role of a transsexual woman

"The Danish Girl", Eddie Redmayne in the role of a transsexual woman

GAYLES.TV.- Yesterday the official trailer of what promises to be one of the highlights of the Venice festival that starts today was released, "The Danish Girl" by director Tom Hooper, known for "Les Miserables" and "The King's Speech".
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The film tells the story of the Danish illustrator and painter Einar Wegener that happened to the history for being the first person who underwent a sex reassignment operation in the 1930 year. The actor Eddie Redmayne, winner of an Oscar in the last edition for his role as Stephen Hawking in "The Theory of Everything," gives life to the character of Einar who will eventually become Lili. Wegener suffered up to 5 interventions, always counting on the support of his wife, the also painter Gerda Gottieb played by the Swedish revelation actress Alicia Vikander.
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The film project has lasted for 15 years and directors such as Tomas Alfredson or Lassse Hallström have passed through it, but it comes at a very opportune moment due to the visibility that is being given to the issue of transsexuality both in film and in television series . Still, the film has been controversial even before its release. The most skeptical about the benefits of Hollywood criticize the fact that transsexual actors are not taken into account when it comes to embodying transsexuals. The protagonist, Eddie Redmayne, has come out of the controversy explaining that: “One of the complications is that today there are hormones, and many trans women have taken hormones. In this role you have to play a male side without hormones, and it is a subject that we have discussed a lot, because in those days there were no hormones.
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Based on the novel by David Ebershoff, "The Danish Girl" narrates not only Einar's struggle to be who she is, but also the extraordinary love story of a married couple facing their relationship in the context of a gender reassignment. Their efforts led the couple to obtain from the King of Denmark the annulment of the marriage and a passport in accordance with the new identity of Lili.

After its premiere in Venice, the film can be seen in Toronto and the next November 27 will be released in the USA. The premiere in Spain is planned for 15 / 1 / 2016.

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3 opinions about ""The Danish Girl", Eddie Redmayne in the role of a transsexual woman"

  1. The headline is sensationalistic using language in a mean way to create the morbidity that gives the ambiguity. Apart from being disrespectful to the collective.
    Transsexual people are men or women. In this case the role is that of A TRANSNATIONAL WOMAN.
    Transsexual is an adjective that helps to understand a characteristics of the person, not a noun that replaces it.

    1. Dear Natalia, first of all thank you for your comment and for the time you have dedicated.
      Indeed there is an error, and I insist on the error, to the headline "The Danish girl", Eddie Redmayne on the role of a transsexual, since the identity of the protagonist as a woman suggests that we should have titled "in the role of a woman transsexual or a transsexual ». or even "in a transsexual role" thus making use of the adjective as you very well indicate. We will proceed to make the relevant changes.
      However, let me clarify that there has been in no case a mean use of language or the intention to provoke morbid or play with ambiguity. The simple reading of the article supports this affirmation and our editorial line in everything that affects the people who possess the characteristic of being transsexual, it dispels any doubts about the integrity and respect of our position on the matter.
      Thank you.

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