The Gay Men Choir of Madrid presents its new show «Gran Vía»

The Gay Men's Choir of Madrid presents its new show "Gran Vía" The Gay Men Choir of Madrid presents its new show «Gran Vía»

The concert of the Gay Men's Choir of Madrid will be on December 14 at the EDP Theater in Gran Vía

GAYLES.TV.- In its seventh season, the Madrid Gay Men's Choir wanted to pay tribute to the emblematic street cradle of the Madrid musical. After seeing his activity affected by the state of alarm and confinement, he returns the next December 14 to premiere his new show entitled «Gran Vía«.

The show will take a tour of the great successes of internationally known artists, who have passed through the different stages of the Gran Vía as Raphael, Miguel Bosé, Rocio Durcal and Camilo Sesto, and musical groups of the stature of The Beatles or Queen. It will also recall songs from great musicals from Broadway as "Rent»Or«Mamma Mia! ».

According to the founder and president of the formation, Pablo Malavé, there are many changes that the choir has made to reactivate its musical activity and prepare the new concert. Explain what "During the past months they have adapted the space and schedules, to protect and guarantee the health of the choristers and the work team, rehearsing in small groups every Saturday”. The new rehearsal dynamics also incorporate a new team in the musical direction, and new learning techniques and vocal training.

The Gay Men's Choir of Madrid presents its new show "Gran Vía"A year to reinvent yourself

In its seventh season, the Madrid Gay Men's Choir, is committed to improving the team of professionals that works in the assembly of the show, adding to the new musical direction, Charles Tapia, musician and university professor, noted for his work in musicals such as «Anastasia«.

Also, it incorporates a new vocal director, Sergio Campoy, specialized in musical theater and lyrical singing. Neus Aguer, addresses the vocal technical part of the choir, for the training and understanding of the musical material of the show. The musical arrangements are in charge of Carlos Aznares placeholder image, former chorus girl of the formation during the past years.

The training takes 7 years on stage in Spain, combining full capacity in their presentations in recognized theaters such as the Rialto Theater (2015), the Gran Vía Theater (2015 and 2020), the Theater Alcazar (2016-1018) and the Infanta Elizabeth (2019)

El Madrid Gay Men's Choir is a non-profit association that seeks to normalize the perception of homosexuality and claim the rights of the community LGTBI + using choral musical theater as a social tool. Part of the profits from their concerts go to social works represented through different non-profit organizations.


Source: Gay Men's Choir Association of Madrid

Photographer: Gay Men's Choir Association of Madrid

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