The FC case in Chueca: kidnapping, rape and robbery by chemical submission

FC aggression in Chueca The FC case in Chueca: kidnapping, rape and robbery by chemical submission

The FC case in Chueca: Inaction of the police and public health, negligence of the institutions and neglect of the organizations. An accumulation of nonsense.

El Saturday March 26, after having dinner with a group of friends and being in an entertainment venue in the neighborhood of Chueca, FC He woke up in his room after suffering a sexual assault under the influence of a substance unknown until now, bodily injuries with trauma and bruises all over his body, plus the theft of all the valuables from inside his home.

What happened before? A man and a woman approached him in the middle of the street to start a conversation. This is how FC's ordeal began

Diary16 has recorded FC's testimony preserving his identity, where he details everything that happened.

In the second part of his testimony, FC emphasizes the physical and psychological consequences he has suffered since the sexual assault: anxiety, insomnia, respiratory and cardiac problems, among other pathologies.

We are struck by the lack of protocol in case of rape of a gay man in a reference health center such as the Gregorio Marañon Hospital, where after several hours of waiting, they refused to do clinical and biological studies, including a chest x-ray where the problem of water in the lungs caused by the aggression would have been detected in time.

In second place, the condescending and contemptuous treatment that FC received from one of the agents of the National Police who attended the reconstruction of the events. The state of nervousness of the victim and the pressure received from the National Police, together with the lack of psychological assistance, caused increased psychological stress in the victim.

Thirdly, and what most surprises and hurts us, the lack of response from LGTBI associations. According to the information, FC contacted the Madrid Observatory against LGTBIphobia, which told him that a lawyer from the Observatory would contact him. Since then, more than two and a half months have passed without receiving any calls.

Madrid Observatory against LGTBIphobiaFrom Gaylestv we have contacted the Madrid Observatory against LGTBIphobia to contrast the information. We have called several times and sent whatsapp. So far we have not received a response. If we receive it in the next few hours, we will update the information giving your version of the facts.

We asked ourselves if someone has to die for their case to be worthy of attention from the LGTBI media and generalists.

Alert. Any of us could be victims of this modus operandi. The fact that the aggressors were in Chueca shows premeditation for the victim to be LGTBI.

We can speculate if it is a homophobic attack or not.  But what we cannot forget is that we are entities that fight, not only for our rights as LGTBI, but for the people behind these acronyms.

Currently, FC has the support of the association FAMUVI, who has placed a lawyer and a solicitor at his disposal. A bunch of nonsense.

We hope that this case will serve to alert us to the apathy that exists when applying the protocols, so that control is exercised from the administration and so that the associations reflect on how we can improve coordination and care for victims.

We do not blame anyone. But FC, he is the one who has the least fault and the one who suffers all this nonsense in his own skin.

Sources: Diary16

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