New comprehensive sexual education project in Catalan schools

New sexual education project in Catalan schools New comprehensive sexual education project in Catalan schools

Catalonia will open a participatory process that will take into account the educational, academic community and feminist and LGTBI entities

The departments of Educació and Equality and Feminisms full Generalitat de Catalunya They presented this week the participatory process to create a consensual model for Catalonia to define the contents of the comprehensive sexual education in schools. The educational, academic and feminist and LGTBI entities, will participate in the process.

It will then be, starting in the second quarter of this school year, when the final proposal will be deliberated and pedagogical resources and training proposals for teachers and the rest of the educational community will be agreed upon. This was stated this Thursday in the I Coeducation Day la Minister of Education, Anna Simó, and Minister of Equality and Feminisms, Tània Verge.

«A freer and fairer society»

New sexual education project in Catalan schools«We want the participatory process to establish what is expected of the school regarding sexual education, but we need the involvement of the entire society in this area, because the school alone cannot do everything.«, Has assured Simo.

Verge, on the other hand, has confessed that «la co-education It is a lever of change for feminist transformation, for a freer and fairer society.«. Believes that coeducation is fundamental “to end stereotypes and gender roles and to prevent sexist and LGBTI-phobic violence«. Likewise, he has defended «establish social and sexual relationships based on respect, consent and mutual pleasure«. According to Tània Verge, «The COEDUCA'T program, which has trained more than 200 teachers over the last five years, is the starting point, but we cannot be satisfied with a program, the transformation of society requires that the change be systemic and transversal. . 

El Education deparment has already been launched to generate educational resources that allow co-education and the gender perspective to be applied in each of the stages and areas of the new curricula. These resources will be made available to the centers.


La UNESCO define the sex education as a teaching and learning process that deals with cognitive, psychological, physical and social aspects of sexuality, with the aim of empowering children and adolescents to establish relationships based on respect.

For the international organization, after a sexual coeducation, young people may be able to analyze how their decisions affect their own well-being and that of others, to thus being able to protect their rights throughout life.


The coordination commission of the CNLGBTI, as a consultative body of the Generalitat of Catalonia, expressed its concern in the meeting held on September 13 with the Minister Tània Verge, the Secretary of Feminisms, Montse Pineda and the General Director of LGBTI+ Public Policies, Xavier Florensa, in relation to the prevention of LGBTIphobia in the educational field and action protocols with trans, LGBTI and homoparental families students.

At the meeting, the commission requested that LGBTI entities and experts be taken into account in the participatory process so that the actions are not limited only when there are problems of coexistence and bullying of LGBTI students., but also focus on the prevention work in the educational field.

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Sources: 20 minutesLa Vanguardia

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