Education to stop hate

Education to stop hate Education to stop hate

The FELGTBI+ dedicates its thematic year to education in the face of the "increase in hate speech in classrooms"

The State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Trans, Bisexuals, Intersex and more (FELGTBI+) announced this Thursday that he will dedicate his thematic year of Education and that will require «the actual compliance with the anti-discrimination policies contemplated in current legislation«.

«There is an increase in hate speech in classrooms«, warned the Education coordinator of the LGTBI+ State Federation, David Armenteros, in a press conference in which he reported that «One of the main objectives of the thematic year will be to work towards the elimination of any restrictions on freedom of expression and academic freedom of teachers associated with the veto. parental«. This reality requires a «more specific fight"he said, that's why the 57 entities that make up the Federation have chosen inclusive education as the cause to which they will dedicate the greatest efforts in 2024.

Inclusive education

Schools are the second place in which the community LGTBIQ + suffers more attacks and discrimination and teachers are one of the professional groups that comes out the least, which is why FELGTBI+ requires urgently addressing the inclusive education. The objective is "create a truly inclusive environment» in educational centers. Therefore, this thematic year «arises as a response to reality that reflects the importance of achieving diversity in educational institutions«.

«Hate speech builds a more intolerant society in which we do not want to live. It is important that in educational settings we fight against hate speech. We do not want to remain crossed while our rights are lost«he has sentenced Armenteros.

family diversity

The FELGTBI+ requesting the creation of a national educational commission in specific matter LGTBI+ that ensures compliance with equality plans in educational centers and that this commission has the collaboration of the entities of the group.

The also spokesperson for FELTBI+ Noelia Salido has stressed that the family diversity It must be present in school agendas, which are currently limiting since they focus on the figure of the father and mother when there are single-parent families, but also others made up of two fathers and two mothers.

Salido explained that during 2024, Education will mark the Federation's agenda, but «not only formal education, but education in the broadest sense of the word because pedagogy must be done in all areas of society«.

Education to stop hate




Sources: XXI centuryFELGTBI+

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