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Higui, arrested for lesbian and woman

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Eva Analía de Jesús, known as Higui, has been imprisoned since October for defending herself from 10 men who tried to rape her and impale her for lesbian EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- Today we celebrate the March 8, the day that ...

"Make yourself heard" and the churrero bus

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"Hazte Oir" tried to walk through the Spanish geography with a transit bus GAYLES.TV .- Talk or not talk about "Make yourself heard", that is the question and we should almost start to stop talking about them. Because that's ...

Lorca or the pits of oblivion

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They discover the place of execution and what must have been Federico García Lorca's grave, but his body does not appear. EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- Federico García Lorca and Luís Cernuda shared, with different luck, orig ...

2017, one year to claim

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The FELGTB celebrates its 25 years coinciding with the "World Pride 2017" and the "Europe Pride" EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- The FELGTB celebrates its 25 years in the trenches of the struggle for LGTBI rights and makes it coincide ...

Famous LGBT grateful to Obama

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In the hands of Ellen DeGeneres, LGBT celebrities thank Barack Obama, while Trump is still in his mad rush to the abyss and the destruction of all the advances achieved. EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- Faces so con ...

Unbridled homophobia on Twitter

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Wave of homophobic insults after the death of Bimba Bosé GAYLES.TV.- We already know that the anonymity in the networks unleashes the best and the worst of each, but what has happened after the death to the 41 years of Bimba Bosé .. .

ISIS executes a sodomite in Mosul, Iraq

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Islamic State publishes the images of the execution of a supposed sodomite EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- Every time that the members of the Islamic State use their powerful propaganda device to spread images of s ...

2016: Grapes of Wrath

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Balance of a tragic year EDITORIAL GAYLES.- Just a few hours ago we closed this article wishing that the last joke this year especially bloodthirsty, was to take Princess Leia. But in a c ...

Fidel Castro and homosexuality in Cuba

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The lights and shadows of the repression of homosexuality in revolutionary Cuba EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- It matters little that a regime is totalitarian or democratic, republican or monarchical, that arises from the ballot box ...

Make yourself heard and hate crimes

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Hazte Oír sends 100.000 homophobic brochures to public, private and subsidized schools and institutes. EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- The ultra-Catholic platform Hazte Oír has committed a hate crime by violating the rights of ...