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Novell, the bishop "non grato"

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The bishop of Solsona affirms that "the confusion in the sexual orientation" could be due to the absence of the father figure in the modern societies EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- What of shoemaker to your shoes the clergy never ...

Turning with the phobia

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The 17 of May celebrates the International Day Against Homophobia, Lesbofobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- The celebration of this day that aims to stop along the way and reflect on the si ...

"CHEMSEX", pleasure or risk?

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The emerging phenomenon of the "chemsex" (long sessions of group sex under the effects of all kinds of drugs), triggers the cases of STD and HIV infection EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- When we talk about the meetings "ch ...

Lesbian and visible?

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Today, 26 of April, Lesbian Visibility Day the slogan is clear: lesbians also love and we also fuck EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- It is curious the controversy that triggers the celebration of this day even den ...

Woman killed by his girlfriend in Barcelona

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The death of a lesbian woman at the hands of her partner rekindles the controversy about what gender violence is and what is not. EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- Ana de 53 years and her partner, Pili de 57, had maintained for 15 years a rela .. .

Chechnya, gay hell

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The Chechen government is detaining homosexuals in concentration camps where they are tortured and killed. GAYLES.TV.- The Chechen government led by Ramzan Kadirov has initiated a purge of homosexuals in ...

Visible transsexuals

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EDITORIAL.- Today, March 31, the Day of Transsexual visibility is celebrated and, beyond the claims, the feeling we have when trying to penetrate transsexual reality is that we are t ...

Horror, my child plays with dolls!

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A "scientific" study affirms that children's games aim at the future adult sexual orientation EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- The newspaper ABC has echoed a study that affirms that the preferences of children and ...

Higui, arrested for lesbian and woman

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Eva Analía de Jesús, known as Higui, has been imprisoned since October for defending herself from 10 men who tried to rape her and impale her for lesbian EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- Today we celebrate the March 8, the day that ...

"Make yourself heard" and the churrero bus

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"Hazte Oir" tried to walk through the Spanish geography with a transit bus GAYLES.TV .- Talk or not talk about "Make yourself heard", that is the question and we should almost start to stop talking about them. Because that's ...