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The gay prince of Rajpipla and homosexuality in India

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Manvendra Singh Gohil is the only Indian prince who recognizes his homosexuality and helps vulnerable LGTBI people GAYLES.TV.- Manvendra Singh Gohil is, at his 52 years, prince and heir to the throne of ...

155: I fuck you in the ass

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The homophobia and the 'proces' GAYLES.TV.- This is going away from mother ... The Francoist remake that Catalonia is living is dismantling and has already sprinkled the collective LGTB +. Any excuse is valid to take out the homofob ...


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A new homophobic aggression in the Madrid metro makes us think about the concept of "macho" EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- There are still more than two months left of the 2017 and the incidents of hate registered by 230 are already ...

1-O Long live DEMOCRACY!

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The 1 of October is convened in Catalonia a referendum on the independence and the constitution of a Catalan Republic EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- Given the historical significance of the moment we are living and ...

Equality Law LGTBI, the controversial points

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This week the Proposition of Law of Podemos on the LGTBI Equality Act has been accepted. GAYLES.TV.- The rights of gays, lesbians, transsexuals, bisexuals and transgender, that is, those of more than 4 million ...

Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Prohibited Word

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Ellen was forbidden to say "she" so that it could not be deduced that she had a female partner EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- Apparently this news is another gossip, a joke of famous, an entertainment of ...

The Barcelona bombing caused by the gay decadence according to Mayor Oreja

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The former Minister of the Interior of Aznar, Jaime Mayor Oreja, blames the loss of values ​​and the equal marriage of the Barcelona bombing GAYLES.TV.- It can be bad, very bad, and the most ...

Trump vetoes the Army to transgender people

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Donald Trump bans serving transgender people in US Army GAYLES.TV.- Caitlyn Jenner must be freaking out for giving his support to Donald Trump in his presidential career.

Disney lesbian princesses!

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Disney has confirmed the production of its first animated film with lesbian protagonists facing the 2018 GAYLES.TV.- Pressures received by the multinational Disney to incorporate LGTBI characters into ...

Putophobia do you know what it is?

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By putofobia means the rejection of prostitution and contempt for people who decide to exercise it. But does one thing necessarily imply the other? EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV Last week was held in Barcelona l ...