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The Memory of Pride

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EDITORIAL.- Today we want to dedicate our editorial space to a project that deals with Pride and historical memory. Because Pride with a capital letter is what we feel when presenting a work like this. "The mem ...

Can you be gay and PP?

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EDITORIAL.- Of course you can be gay and the PP and lesbian and the PP and transsexual and the PP and gardener, teacher, Catalan, Asturian, black, white, astronaut, podiatrist, Betis, Barca, you could even. ..

Judy Garland remains

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EDITORIAL.- Today, the day we just learned that equal marriage has been approved in the 50 States of the United States, we want to pay homage to who has undoubtedly been a gay icon par excellence and who had ...

Of animals and homosexuals

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EDITORIAL.- How many times have we not heard about the quality of "unnatural" regarding homosexual relationships? How many voices, from ignorance, appeal to the "natural" of the relationship between male and female ...

If you're gay, stop by here

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EDITORIAL.- In Sweden a pacifist organization has launched an unusual and fun "defense system" against Russian submarines, which incidentally affirms the recognition of LGBT rights in the Nordic country. It is about...

Pornography and sexual dissidence

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EDITORIAL.- Pornography has a bad press, recognizing that porn is consumed is still not very well seen. Something like the trash that no one sees but has the largest audience. Few people recognize that disf ...

The power

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EDITORIAL.- All human societies define the moment in which a human being is autonomous and responsible for their actions, that is, assumes the power and control over their own life. He is coming of age. Another thing ...

Do you know who to vote for?

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EDITORIAL.- Next Sunday 24 in May municipal and regional elections are held in Spain depending on the area where you reside. It is important to know what are the positions adopted by the different par ...

Is love age?

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EDITORIAL.- Last week we read some statements by Fernando Tejero in which he claimed to have "felt the accusing finger of society when being with a young boy". It is striking that the actor would have ...