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"Spirit Day", today the world supports us

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EDITORIAL.- At the beginning of October of 2010, the Canadian teenager Brittany McMillan proposed the celebration of a day of support of the whole society to the LGTBI youth who suffer harassment and intimidation. And it was called ...

Pansexualism, the sexuality of the new millennium

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EDITORIAL.- The incorporation into our vocabulary of the term "pansexual" or "pansexuality" is taking place like that fine rain that you barely perceive, a drop here, another there, a sensation more than a downpour, but ...

Lesbian under Franco

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EDITORIAL.- There are many treaties, studies and articles that have been written about the situation of homosexuals in Spain during the Franco period. Recently the digital magazine "Jot Down" has published a ...

Buddhism and homosexuality

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EDITORIAL.- August 13 Fish Huang and You Ya-ting celebrated their third wedding anniversary. They were married in Taiwan, a society where homosexuality is legal, but civil unions between homosexuals are not ...

Being a transsexual in Iran

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EDITORIAL.- These days we have heard of a pair of Iranian transsexuals who, having been born in foreign bodies, ended up getting to know each other and fell in love after their respective reassignments of s ...

Put it on, put it on, but now!

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EDITORIAL.- "Put it on, put it on". There was a time when the slogan swept away, it was a success, a good advertising phrase that probably saved many lives. Today we believe we are safe, we have lowered our guard and relaxed ...

Homophobic madness in Israel

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EDITORIAL.- Six people participating in the traditional Gay Pride March in Jerusalem yesterday suffered a knife attack at the hands of an ultra-Orthodox Jew, who had already committed a similar aggression ...

Jordi Petit, "25 years more"

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EDITORIAL.- If last week we gave our editorial space to a group of students who told us about our history, today it is a protagonist of that time who occupies it. It has just been reissued "25 years ...

The Memory of Pride

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EDITORIAL.- Today we want to dedicate our editorial space to a project that deals with Pride and historical memory. Because Pride with a capital letter is what we feel when presenting a work like this. "The mem ...

Can you be gay and PP?

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EDITORIAL.- Of course you can be gay and the PP and lesbian and the PP and transsexual and the PP and gardener, teacher, Catalan, Asturian, black, white, astronaut, podiatrist, Betis, Barca, you could even. ..