Carmena and Colau, the legacy

The electoral results of last Sunday augur a change to the front of the mayors of Barcelona and Madrid. Let's take stock of their LGTBI policies

GAYLES.TV.- "The legacy of Carmena and Colau" is an article that could have been written yesterday, when everyone rushed to write twits, to convene press conferences and, of course, to cheer themselves for the triumph obtained. It seems that they always win all of them and it would help to maintain the serenity that, just as there is a day of pre-election reflection, there would be one the day after the results were known. That's why we did not do it yesterday, we do it today and that's fine, because we could have made a mistake. It seems clear that in Madrid a more than probable agreement between PP, VOX and Citizens not only would he expel Manuela Carmena but it would return the mayor's office to the right. It is what it is. But in Barcelona and according to what was expressed in a press conference by the acting mayor, Ada Colau and by Ernest Maragall there is still a glimmer of hope.

As for Madrid, it is worth remembering that those who fly and appropriate the LGTBI flag (in this case Citizens) would agree, for example, with those who ask that the Pride leave Chueca to send it to the House, that is, VOX by mouth of Ortega Smith who declared that if he governed in the mayor's office he would expel us from the center "so as not to disturb the neighbors" and whoever organizes the act must, in addition, assume the cost of cleaning .... Of the economic benefits that the MADO generates a half word for the capital. But finally there are people who, when they vote, shoot themselves in the foot and they do not even know about it.

Another anecdote that is worth remembering about the foreseeable behavior of the right in the capital of the Kingdom of Spain is the one that generated Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo with the twit that made the phrase famous "I'll never forgive you, Carmena". And what is it that Cayetana can not forgive Carmena? Well, in the cavalcade of 2016 Kings, "queens" will parade, animals will not be used, Baltasar will be black or the VIP guest area will be eliminated to be occupied by people with disabilities. And of course Cayetana's daughter, who at that time was 6 years old, did not see the subject clearly and said: "Mom, Gaspar's suit is not real". What horror and what a childhood tragedy! Unforgivable.

And it is that Carmena leaves us those kind of small or huge gestures and that we will never thank her enough. From the traffic lights with LGTBI couples and, the impulse to the MADO until the kiss to Errejón in a campaign event held just a few days ago in a discotheque in Madrid in support of the LGTBI collective. In short, so many decisions, so many winks that have made Madrid is currently considered as "The first city in the world with the highest quality of life for the LGTBI collective". Yes, all that is what is at risk today in Madrid and we must defend with tooth and nail.

And what about Ada Colau? Well, we could start with the moving response that has been given to a tweet from Carmena. The still mayor of Madrid wrote: "I will not remain mayor, but Madrid will continue to be supportive and participatory. (...). " And Colau replied: "Thank you dear Manuela Carmena, the best mayor that Madrid has had. In these four years, in the middle of the storm, our cities have loved each other more than ever. Whatever happens, that tenderness can not be erased by anyone. I love you. " The best summary of what these 4 years have meant for Madrid and Barcelona, ​​for Carmena and Colau. It both mounts, mounts so much.

twitter from Colau to Carmena

And is that Ada has not been short in Barcelona in terms of involvement with the LGTBI collective and contributions. Since his confession in Save me on his bisexuality (applauded by some sectors and criticized as opportunist by others), he has made it clear that he does not support the group, but that he feels an integral part. His presence in the PRIDE, your declarations and actions of support in the face of aggressions or your collaboration with media and entities that you can recover in the interview you gave to this link: "Pride Barcelona with LGTBI refugees".

But we could say that the great contribution of Ada Colau to the collective in these years of management has been the creation of the LGTBI Center in Barcelona. An immense gift that was so necessary to enhance the confluence of all currents and ways of thinking that make up our community but above all to provide the resources and help that so many sectors need. Hopefully Colau can continue to lead a management that until today has only given us support and solutions as a collective.


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