The letter of the gay terrorist

Taib, the assailant of a police station in Mossos killed by an agent, left an SMS and a letter before attempting

GAYLES.- The facts about the assault last Monday at a police station in the Mossos d'Esquadra in the Barcelona town of Cornellá, are well known. Abdelhouahab Taib, an Algerian of 29 years, appeared shortly before the 6 of the morning in a police station of Mossos and insisted by the telefonillo so that they opened the door to him because "he wanted to make a consultation". Once inside and to the cry of "Allah is great" He pounced on an agent trying to attack her with a knife of large dimensions. After the first failed attempt he pursued her through the police premises with the clear intention of stabbing her with the knife. As can be seen in the recordings of the police station, the mossa ended up shooting him after firing four times, three of which impacted on the body of the aggressor ending his life.

But things start to get complicated when in the search of his home and subsequent interrogation, the assailant's wife declares that in fact it is a forced suicide and that they were in the process of divorce because her husband was homosexual and feared to be disowned by his environment , that is, by the Muslim community. That is, it is that of "I do not kill myself, they kill me".

Subsequently, the police and the media have had access to an SMS that Taib sent to his wife on the eve of the assault: "I am going, inshallá (God willing), to the great place that is above" which, clearly, denotes the intention to end his life. And not only that, it has also been known that hours before heading to the police station in Mossos, Taib locked himself for hours in a mosque to pray. To finish confirming the thesis of his wife, is what some consider a suicide note but rather it would be a prayer written by Taib that has been disseminated by the SER chain. According to the translation in it he writes: "Oh God, I ask for clemency of your wisdom and power and I beg your great generosity since you are the most powerful and I the least, since you are the wise and I am the least and you know beyond. Oh God, if you know that in this matter there is (...) good for me for my religion and my subsistence and everything related to me and what you have predestined me, facilitate it and bless it for me. Oh God if you know that this matter (...) goes against my religion and my sustenance away from me and make my destiny good and make me accept it ". This matter, according to all the research points, would make reference to his homosexuality and consequently Taib, to whom the divorce had precipitated in an important personal crisis, would be looking for a kind of redemption through religion.

Taib note

If it is a terrorist attack or a masked suicide is something that we may never know. At the end of the day, a fine line separates both factors in any attack and also, to this day Islamic State he has not vindicated the action.

What one might ask is why Taib prefers to lose his life to be disowned by his community because of his gay status? It is our collective responsibility to know what is being done to work for the right of those who seek refuge in our societies to be who they are. Or rather, what are we not doing? What is taught in schools? What is preached in mosques? What about the integration of LGTBI people from different faiths?. We calm our consciences affirming that "you know, they are fanatics. Well, we are doing poorly.

We are in Barcelona, ​​Spain, one of the first countries to recognize homosexual marriage and runs the 21st century. Taib lived here and his surroundings also live here. If, attempting or not, Taib has taken his life for fear of living openly showing his homosexuality, we have a serious problem. And that is what we would have to reflect on as a collective and as a society.



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