Homophobic Eurovision or the end of freedom of expression

The entry of LGTBI flags into the second Eurovision semifinal at the Altice Arena in Lisbon is prohibited

GAYLES.TV .- It is confirmed that we live installed in an undemocratic drift of the ciborium and not only speak of Spain, which certainly takes the cake, I speak of the West in general, I speak of having internalized that can prohibit us from dressing in a certain way, sing according to what, think in social networks and show symbols with which we identify because whoever forbids thinks differently. They have spent 50 years of "Forbidden to forbid" May 68 and the retrograde of all castes are at ease without, apparently, nobody prevents it.

It is envisaged that Valtónyc Enter prison next week for insults and threats, for the lyrics of their songs? I do not believe it, rather it is probably because of thinking how he thinks. For similar reasons, we persecute Pablo Hasel or Willy Toledo for his blasphemies in Facebook. Recently in a sports competition people who wore yellow shirts were forced to take them off and throw them away and it is not true at all that they all carry phrases of a political nature; Besides, what if they wore slogans? Does not the Constitution defend freedom of expression?

LGTBI Eurovison

And the saying goes, "When the beards of the neighbor you see peel, put yours to soak" and now it's the turn of the LGTBI flags and it's been in Portugal. Those who attended with their flags and with the intention of waving them during the performances had to hand them over at the entrance to the members of the stadium's security team. To the trash with them! The reason? Well, the legislation of one of the participating countries prohibits them. Let's see if you guess what country it is ... Effectively: Russia! We will have to be happy because the Russians have not made it to the Eurovision final, so if they end up seeing rainbow flags at the gala, it will be confirmed that Russia as well as homophobe does not respect that of adapting to what the majority thinks. If this is not the case, we will have to worry more because it will mean that our flag is banned in the most gay event in the world as if it were a terrorist symbol.

There is a wonderful phrase that is often attributed to Voltaire but that it was actually used for the first time by a woman Evelyn Beatrice Hall, which is precisely the author of a biography about the famous philosopher, which is probably why Voltaire is cited when he wants to comment on freedom of expression. The phrase is:

  • "I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend my right to say it with my life"

That is the only way, that of respect, that of freedom of expression, that of any thought except the single thought, that of understanding that we are condemned to understand ourselves or to perish. But above all we should try not to censor ourselves, not fall into the trap of being our own executioners, because between that and the "forbidden to prohibit", between white and black there are 256 shades of gray.

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