Ekai has been killed

Ekai, a young 16 transsexual years has taken his life in the family home of Ondarroa

GAYLES.TV.- The news, the newspapers say that Ekai has committed suicide, that has taken the life and we could have titled as two years ago that sad "Alan has committed suicide", one more. But no, because Ekai has not committed suicide, they have committed suicide, the transphobia has committed suicide, the bureaucracy has committed suicide, those "very bad moments" of which he himself spoke a few months ago in the Sixth. Ekai has lost the desire to live the many battles fought for their identity, the struggle to achieve a name change in the registry, the strangeness of a DNI that does not represent you, the long wait for the Hospital de Cruces it will provide you with a hormonal treatment that you needed like the air that you breathed and that never came, that will not come, that you no longer need. Ekai wanted the teachers and students of the institute where he studied to receive training on transsexuality and gender identity and wanted it because he needed more than anything in the world to be understood, to know his reality, to be respected. "Too many daily battles for a teenager", is the phrase of Bea Server, spokesperson for Chrysallys, which best expresses what has happened.

That is why we affirm that Ekai has been killed because most likely of having been who he was, of being able to recognize himself in his body and his identity and of having been respected and accepted for it, we probably insisted, his mother would not have found him without life in his bedroom.

The verb suicide is conjugated in reflective, I kill myself, you kill yourself, he commits suicide ... that's why the headline of this article is impossible and irregular, because nobody is supposed to commit suicide. Of pure surreal admits a perfect preterite that Ekai can never conjugate, "I have committed suicide" and a second person imperative that freezes the blood in the veins, "suicidate". And it is this imperative that as a failed society we conjugate in chorus with each and every one of the children and adolescents who are denied something as basic as letting them be who they are.

Ekai Chrysallys

We share here the statement of Chrysallys Euskal Herria that expresses all the pain and indignation that floods us today:

The morning of 15 in February the families of Chrysallis Euskal Herria received in the whatsapp in which we share our joys and sorrows, the worst news. Ana told us that she had found her son from 16 years Ekai dead.

The immense pain of Ana and Elaxar is also ours, as have their battles. Battle to achieve the name change in the registry; battle to receive in the "unit of gender" of Cruces the hormonal treatment that needed and that never arrived; battle to get the institute to carry out training so that the school community could understand its reality and thus be able to respect it, and that it was not ... a series of daily battles. Too many for a teenager, in this case. We have lost this battle as a society and Ekai no one can give him back his life.

But let's keep fighting. For the memory of Ekai. For those boys and girls who are still waiting to receive the treatment they need at the Hospital de Cruces. For those girls and boys who have been denied the name change. For all those girls, boys and young people who are being denied their identity over and over again. For those who will come after. By a law that protects them. For an informed society that understands and accepts the facts of diversity and in which these girls and boys can grow, they can unfold their full potential, they can live. So that never, nobody, has to go back to what Ana and Elaxar are going through. With tears in her eyes and broken heart, Ana, Elaxar eta family, maite zaituztegu.

With all the love and support to Ana and Elaxar, parents of Ekai.

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