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The 23 of September celebrates the Day of the Bisexual Visibility

GAYLES.TV.- Yes, in the initials LGT (B) I B represents the collective formed by bisexual people in spite of the suspicions of heteros, heterazos and even of some members of the LGTBI collective itself.

To avoid citing the protest statement on duty, you will allow me, for once, to adopt a somewhat personal tone. Many years ago, but many years walked carelessly on the Rambla de Barcelona when I was struck by the claim that loudly repeated a prostitute addressing all and should be added and all: "I make uncles and aunts, I make uncles and aunts!". I was stunned, I was very young and it had never crossed my mind that a prostitute could offer herself to women. I have given a lot of thought to that memory, wondering if, in your case, it should be indifferent to you, or if on the contrary you would feel indifferently comfortable with men or with women ... perhaps the most certain thing is that it did not do more than expand the possibilities of business and that, I learned that later, in reality in any case those sexual encounters for her should only assume their modus vivendi.

And as a memory leads to another, I came to the appointment with a psychiatrist that someone in my family took to take me when I confided that, despite having a boyfriend, I liked a friend, is more, I I liked it very much After listening to me, the psychiatrist looked me straight in the eyes and said: "I do not have prejudices, it seems good that you like women and I think it's good that you like men, but you have to decide, choose, or one thing or the other, mature if you do not want to be sick all your life". The subject was very clear, I never went back to a psychiatry clinic to talk about my sexual life.

And so far my memories and if I have shared them is to bring to reality the validity of some slogans that seems to be a lie that we still have to repeat year after year, in the face of those who consider themselves "normal" and who, installed in Their orientation without fissures, they are not able to understand that someone, simply, can feel attraction for both sexes. And I'm not talking about pansexuality, that's more about ideology, I'm talking simply about attraction, pleasure, fantasies.

Because, as I read there in a beautiful twitt of Javier Bezares

Being bisexual is not a phase.
Being bisexual is not being a vicious person.
Being bisexual is not being more unfaithful than others.
Being bisexual is not being curious hetero.
Being bisexual is not being homosexual with fear.

To be bisexual is to love in freedom.

Bisexual people are not confused or confused, they do not have to define themselves, they are not expecting to find the lover who clarifies their ideas or desires, they exist, and they do it despite biphobia, which also exists, even in the LGTBI collective itself. So if it starts to become clear that being bisexual is not being a vices @, neither immature or indecisive, let me insist that, above all, It is NOT a STAGE in the life of a person. Being bisexual does not make you more reliable or more promiscuous, better or worse, not even a better lover. Enough of kinky jokes about "sailing and motor", about "meat and fish". Hopefully nobody, ever, should strive to be visible.

Montse Trillo

Source:, verne.elpaí

Photograph: See Tele, The Televiser


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