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Horror, my child plays with dolls!

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A "scientific" study affirms that children's games aim at the future adult sexual orientation EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- The newspaper ABC has echoed a study that affirms that the preferences of children and ...

Together we triumph! More lesbian advertising

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With the slogan "Together we triumph" the lingerie brand Triumph points to the fashion of advertising starring lesbian GAYLES.TV.- We will never tire of saying how important it is that the companies ...

Disney lesbian princesses!

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Disney has confirmed the production of its first animated film with lesbian protagonists facing the 2018 GAYLES.TV.- Pressures received by the multinational Disney to incorporate LGTBI characters into ...

Celebrate the March 8?

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EDITORIAL.- We can not, we should not "celebrate" the March 8 as a party, rather we should commemorate, remember, spend a few minutes thinking about the 146 women who died in the fire at the factory of cam ...

Ugly lesbians, handsome gays?

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EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV .- Micromachisms, lesbophobia and other subtle, tiresome and repetitive aggressions sometimes take the form of flattery or compliment, comments that end up being wolves with sheep skin, blow ...

Lesbian and visible?

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Today, 26 of April, Lesbian Visibility Day the slogan is clear: lesbians also love and we also fuck EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- It is curious the controversy that triggers the celebration of this day even den ...

Masturbation? Yes thanks!!

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EDITORIAL.- Although we live in times of greater freedom, some topics are still somewhat "taboo" and masturbation is one of them. Virtually everyone masturbates, whether or not they have a partner or enjoy ...

Disney lesbian princesses? Yes thanks!

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EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- Our friends from Hazte Oír with their president Ignacio Arsuaga had been in the lead for a long time, they did not give us a subject and we almost missed them. From the creators of · "All against abortion", "N ...

Can you be gay and PP?

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EDITORIAL.- Of course you can be gay and the PP and lesbian and the PP and transsexual and the PP and gardener, teacher, Catalan, Asturian, black, white, astronaut, podiatrist, Betis, Barca, you could even. ..

Do you know who to vote for?

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EDITORIAL.- Next Sunday 24 in May municipal and regional elections are held in Spain depending on the area where you reside. It is important to know what are the positions adopted by the different par ...