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2016: Grapes of Wrath

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Balance of a tragic year EDITORIAL GAYLES.- Just a few hours ago we closed this article wishing that the last joke this year especially bloodthirsty, was to take Princess Leia. But in a c ...

Higui, arrested for lesbian and woman

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Eva Analía de Jesús, known as Higui, has been imprisoned since October for defending herself from 10 men who tried to rape her and impale her for lesbian EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- Today we celebrate the March 8, the day that ...

The right to one's identity

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52 trans entities and LGTBI say about the days around "THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE IDENTITY OF GENDER, MINORS AND GENDER DISPORITY" EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- If there is an inalienable right, intrinsic to being, it is ...

Being a transsexual in Iran

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EDITORIAL.- These days we have heard of a pair of Iranian transsexuals who, having been born in foreign bodies, ended up getting to know each other and fell in love after their respective reassignments of s ...

Famous LGBT grateful to Obama

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In the hands of Ellen DeGeneres, LGBT celebrities thank Barack Obama, while Trump is still in his mad rush to the abyss and the destruction of all the advances achieved. EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- Faces so con ...

Leave homosexuality behind

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A coach who offers therapy to "leave behind homosexuality", denounced by Arcópolis. EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- Words do not always work for us to communicate. Sometimes they confuse, distort, manipulate ...

Can you be gay and PP?

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EDITORIAL.- Of course you can be gay and the PP and lesbian and the PP and transsexual and the PP and gardener, teacher, Catalan, Asturian, black, white, astronaut, podiatrist, Betis, Barca, you could even. ..

Equality Law LGTBI, the controversial points

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This week the Proposition of Law of Podemos on the LGTBI Equality Act has been accepted. GAYLES.TV.- The rights of gays, lesbians, transsexuals, bisexuals and transgender, that is, those of more than 4 million ...

Homophobic madness in Israel

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EDITORIAL.- Six people participating in the traditional Gay Pride March in Jerusalem yesterday suffered a knife attack at the hands of an ultra-Orthodox Jew, who had already committed a similar aggression ...

We continue here and giving cane

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The elections of the 28A trigger the creativity in the social networks GAYLES.TV.- The incredible results obtained by the PSOE, the unappealable failure of the PP (in liquidation) and the meridian clarity of the message sent ...