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Alan has committed suicide

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EDITORIAL.- Alan only had 17 years, too much suffering for so few years. Despite being a minor, he had managed to get a magistrate to authorize him to change his name on his DNI. I also had the absolute support ...

The Barcelona bombing caused by the gay decadence according to Mayor Oreja

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The former Minister of the Interior of Aznar, Jaime Mayor Oreja, blames the loss of values ​​and the equal marriage of the Barcelona bombing GAYLES.TV.- It can be bad, very bad, and the most ...

ISIS executes a sodomite in Mosul, Iraq

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Islamic State publishes the images of the execution of a supposed sodomite EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- Every time that the members of the Islamic State use their powerful propaganda device to spread images of s ...

Unbridled homophobia on Twitter

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Wave of homophobic insults after the death of Bimba Bosé GAYLES.TV.- We already know that the anonymity in the networks unleashes the best and the worst of each, but what has happened after the death to the 41 years of Bimba Bosé .. .

Of animals and homosexuals

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EDITORIAL.- How many times have we not heard about the quality of "unnatural" regarding homosexual relationships? How many voices, from ignorance, appeal to the "natural" of the relationship between male and female ...

SOS homosexual refugees

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The second reception center in Germany for LGTBI persons opens in Berlin. EDITORIAL.- Day after day, the citizens of the European Union helplessly attend the tragedy that marks the arrival of the mil ...

Jordi Petit, "25 years more"

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EDITORIAL.- If last week we gave our editorial space to a group of students who told us about our history, today it is a protagonist of that time who occupies it. It has just been reissued "25 years ...

Muslim and LGTBI, a tough road

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EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- Anyone who is a member of the LGTBI community has suffered at some point in their lives situations of discrimination, disdain or marginalization, at best unfortunate phrases of ...

Leave homosexuality behind

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A coach who offers therapy to "leave behind homosexuality", denounced by Arcópolis. EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- Words do not always work for us to communicate. Sometimes they confuse, distort, manipulate ...

Olympic visibility and cabinets in the snow

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13 are the openly LGTBI athletes competing in the Olympic Winter Games, 6 more than those held in Sochi 4 years ago GAYLES.TV.- While it is true that the number of participants in the Olympic Games ...