Dulceida, pregnant with her first child with Alba Paul

Dulceida, pregnant with her first child with Alba Paul Dulceida, pregnant with her first child with Alba Paul

Dulceida confirms that she is pregnant and will be a mother with Alba Paul: «We are equally happy and scared«

The Spanish influencer Dulceida she is pregnant. At 34 years old, with his wife Alba Paul, 36, have shared the news through Instagram, showing a series of photographs that include the ultrasound of the baby on the way.

Aida Domenech (real name of Dulceida) y Alba Paul They expressed their excitement on the networks this morning: “Your mommies are looking forward to you!”. The congratulations did not take long to arrive, coming from both his loyal followers and well-known faces from the world of entertainment and social networks.

"I think that next year it won't happen"... and he was right

Dulceida, pregnant with her first child with Alba PaulThe Catalan has always been open to motherhood. “At 28 or 29 I had the desire to want to be a mother, the thing is that it is a matter of two. Now I still have a lot of desire, that won't go away and hopefully, when everything falls into place, it will turn out perfect“he said in an interview in July 2023.”I think that next year it won't happen", he warned in April of that same year. And it seems that it will be so.

In February of this year, in fact, speculation began that the couple had officially started the process to become mothers when Dulceida She was seen at a fertility clinic. “We don't know which of the two will get pregnant, but what we want is for one to conceive and the other to donate the egg, so we are both involved in it.", he assured in his passage through Calleja Planet. AlbaHowever, he made it clear that Dulceida It would be the surrogate mother: “I don't have maternal instinct, but Aida Yeah. We have talked about it and we have decided that she would have it".

ROPA method

This fertility technique is known as method CLOTHING (Reception of Oocytes from the Couple) and allows both women to actively participate in the pregnancy, as one provides the egg that will be gestated by the other. It consists of doing an in vitro fertilization cycle for one woman in the couple to obtain embryos that will later be transferred into the uterus of the other woman in the couple.

The news of the pregnancy comes just a year after the couple will reconcile. And they were both clear that they were going to return sooner or later and that they were the love of each other's lives. «Now we are back as if we had just begun and that is wonderful«, they declared a few months ago. Their love prevailed and they decided to give themselves a second chance, a decision that they celebrate today with the arrival of the long-awaited baby.

Dulceida, pregnant with her first child with Alba Paul

Sources: ABC

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