Two years of the LGTBI Law in Catalonia

Two years of the LGTBI Law in Catalonia

Declarations of Jose Antonio Asensio, the victim of homophobia who has motivated the sanction.

VIDEO GAYLES.TV Two years of the 11 / 2014 against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia in Catalonia. Coinciding with the event, the Generalitat has imposed the first economic penalty for homophobia for a case of insults to a worker of a residential center whose payment of 300 euros has already been made effective. It is one of the most advanced laws in terms of LGTBI rights It refers to the world, although one of the criticisms received is the lack of greater application of it. Mireia Mata, Jordi Petit, Francesc Jaurena and Armand de Fluvià reflect on the 11 / 2014 law after two years of its approval.

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