International Day of Bisexuality

International Day of Bisexuality

NEWS.- Today, 23 of September Is celebrated the International Day of Bisexuality. The date was established at 1999 by three bisexual rights activists in the United States.

The definition given today of bisexuality is that of sexual orientation that is characterized by the sexual, affective and emotional attraction by individuals of both sexes. Sexological studies in this regard have established a series of categories, 4 in total, biological, psychological, behavioral and cultural bisexuality. But we must bear in mind that in certain cultures and tribes bisexuality is assimilated with other gender issues, such as transsexuality or hermaphroditism.

However, it should be noted that the commemoration of today is an attempt to claim the explicit recognition of bisexuality as the behavior, culture and way of life of many people. Reports like the Kinsey argue that only 10% of the population, at best, would have a univocal orientation towards a sex, be it homosexual or heterosexual orientation. Between 80 and 90% remaining would be located in ambivalent orientations. All this leads us to think of sexual orientation as a spectrum between two poles rather than a choice between two options.

In short, a high percentage of the population is fully bisexual or has sporadically maintained relationships with one sex or the other. It should also be noted that the univocal and exclusive predilection seems more frequent in men than in women.

Despite all the above, bisexuality has habitually suffered incomprehension on the part, not only of the heterosexual population, but also of gays and lesbians. In periods of greater obscurantism and persecution, it was perceived as a kind of "betrayal" and it was badly tolerated.

Once again we must claim that the set of letters LGTBI, represents millions of individuals and bet on the right of everyone to express and live their sexuality freely at all times.

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