LGBTIphobia, neither at home nor on the street!

 Start of the campaign "L'LGBTIfòbia, ni a casa, ni al carrer!" with the participation of LGBTI entities, the cultural sector and communication.

GAYLES.TV.- This year, the LGBTI National Council de Catalunya has launched a campaign under the motto «L'LGBTIfòbia, neither at home, nor on the street!» (LGBTIphobia, neither at home nor on the street) to commemorate the International Day against LGBTIphobia which is celebrated every May 17.

Despite the notable advances in social visibility and that Catalonia has had a specific law that protects the rights of the LGBTI community since 2014, there is still a way to eradicate this scourge. Year 2019 143 complaints were filed for LGBTIphobia (117 criminal investigations, 3 labor complaints and 23 administrative complaints) and 157 incidents, which refer to discriminatory acts that are not reportable by criminal or administrative means.

90 LGBTI Comprehensive Care Services (UPS)

From the Government of the Generalitat, General Directorate of Igualtat, the body responsible for the deployment of LGBTI public policies, works to eradicate the structural LGBT phobia that exists in our society, from the most subtle discriminations to physical aggression. According to the CEO of Igualat, Mireia Mata, "We must continue working at all levels because the whole of society openly rejects situations of discrimination and the group of LGBTI people can demonstrate their identity without feeling threatened. The commitment of all citizens is required, because it is a shared challenge" In this sense, Mata highlights the importance that all victims of LGBTIphobia and also their environment and witnesses of discriminatory acts denounce, either in the body of Mossos d'Esquadra –That has units specially trained in this area- or anywhere in the network of LGBTI Comprehensive Care Services (UPS).

Since 2017, the General Directorate of Igualtat has deployed this network of care for LGBTI people together with local authorities. Today Catalonia has 90 points with coverage in 790 municipalities. In addition to reporting discrimination situations, UPS points They also respond to any need for accompaniment, support or information that citizens have regarding sexual and gender diversity.

LGBTI training for 9.500 officials of the Generalitat and Local Administrations

On the other hand, the General Directorate of Igualtat offers initial and continuous in the field of the rights of LGBTI people. Last year 4.500 professionals from the Government of Catalonia y 5.000 workers of the local Administration they were trained in this matter. In addition, local authorities have been accompanied in the preparation and implementation of 234 Local and regional LGBTI policy plans.

LGBTIphobia, neither at home, nor on the street!

This year, both LGBTI and heterosexual people have participated in the campaign, representing entities that are part of the LGBTI National Council, from the Pyrenees to the Ebro Lands, which wants to show not only sexual diversity and gender expression, but also the territorial, of ages, origins and capacities. Representatives from the cultural and advertising sector, such as Mon Plans, Isabel Franc, Brigitta Lamoure and Marius Núñez, among others. 

The motto "LGBTIphobia, neither at home nor on the street!»Has been chosen because these two words«property" Y "street»They make special sense in a moment of de-escalation of confinement.

The initiative invokes the need not to promote or carry out LGBTIphobic attitudes within families, or in any public, work, educational, or leisure space. And it is that there is something worse than Covid-19 and it is the hatred to which it is different, the fear of the unknown, whose reaction causes a lot of suffering, injustice and directly violates human rights.

En We have participated with what we know how to do, and we are happy with the result. Thank you!

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